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Author Spotlight Welcomes Author A.J. Adaire

I introduced myself to A.J. Adaire when I saw her book Sunset Island as the #1 Lesbian Fiction book on Amazon. Yes, I had a fan girl moment. LOL.  I’m delighted to welcome her to my Author Spotlight event.


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The week long contest will be held in conjunction with AJ Adaire’s October 22, 2013 appearance in the Author Spotlight on Eden Glenn’s blog

Top prize is a $25 Amazon gift certificate,
2nd and 3rd place winners win a copy of Sunset Island  


Twenty years ago, I wrote my first book just to see if I could do it. The novel occupied space on my bookshelf, unread for nearly twenty years until, one day while in a cleaning frenzy, I considered disposing of the neatly stacked but now age-yellowed pages. As I began to read the long forgotten work, I was surprised to discover that the story was enjoyable! Editing and retyping the first book provided a new sense of accomplishment and additional tales followed. Completion of This is Fitting encouraged me to write four more romance novels. I Love My Life and Sunset Island were followed by Awaiting My Assignment and its sequel, Anything Your Heart Desires and One Day Longer Than Forever 

Now retired, there is all the time in the world to write. I live on the east coast with my partner of twenty-eight years. Because we love a challenge, we provide a loving home for two spoiled cats instead of a dog! In addition to writing, any spare time is devoted to reading, mastering new computer programs, and socializing with friends.

EG: What a wonderful success story. I love hearing about your journey. And can I say your cat is beautiful? I had two Siamese cats years ago while in college. At the moment I have an orange Tabby, Peyton who guest stars in one of my books. LOL

I asked AJ some questions about her current release Sunset Island.

1.    Who is your favorite character in this book and why? 

Like most of my readers, my favorite character is Lindy. She is someone with whom I’d enjoy spending the day. I especially enjoy her playful personality and openness to engage in new adventures. Like me, she is both a teacher and an author, so I suspect we’d enjoy chatting.

2. What inspires you for your stories?

I guess I’d have to say the characters inspire me to tell their story.

Most ideas for my stories come to me when I’m driving my car or doing a mindless, repetitive task. I’ve yet to master the ability to sit down at the computer and say to myself, “Okay, what shall I write about today?”

For me, the hardest part of a story is to decide the basic scenario, which is how the two lead characters will come to reveal their attraction for each other. In a ‘straight’ romance, where the main characters are male and female, the potential for a relationship is always assumed to be there.

In writing a same-sex romance, the author always needs to decide first if the characters will be ‘out’ lesbians, two women who have never experienced a same-sex attraction before or, lastly, if one character is a lesbian and the other historically straight. If both characters are open about their sexuality, it’s no more difficult to develop a story line than it would be for a male/female pairing.

It gets trickier if any of the other scenarios exist. So, once I determine the basic scenario, I try to figure out how they’ll reveal their feelings to each other. Once that part is clear, I begin to develop the rest of the story by making some brief notes. Only then, after all that has occurred, am I able to sit down to write the story and allow the characters to reveal the rest of the story.

Sometimes the characters surprise me. For example, in Sunset Island, the original story was to be Ren and Brooke’s. As I was writing it, I realized I didn’t have enough substance for a novel for those two characters. Lindy presented herself to me, and in order to move the story forward, Brooke had to ‘go.’ When I killed off Brooke, my partner called me a murderer for two weeks. Then she, too, fell in love with Lindy and peace was once again restored in our household.

EG: I laughed out loud reading about your killing off of Brooke. LOL.  Our creative process appears to be very similar.  I get a lot of thinking in while driving.

3. Tell us something no one else knows about you.

I can’t abide the taste of peanut butter despite the fact that Ren and Lindy, my main characters in Sunset Island, each relied on it as one of their primary sources of sustenance.

EG: OH NO. I’m going to side with Ren and Lindy on this one.

4.   What genre classification would you put on your book and what would you consider the heat level of the romance? 

 I write ‘Lesbian Romance.’ As to heat level, depending on the book and which characters are involved, the love scenes tend to be “warm” to “hot.” All love scenes are loving and consensual. My books are easy to read, feel good, f/f romances with not too much angst. The characters may encounter day-to-day obstacles often faced by real people, but the ending is always happy…they are romances after all!

EG: I love the way you’ve described this. Feel Good! F/F Romance.

5.   When did you start writing and what kicked off your passion to be an author?

I began writing twenty years ago. I used to buy lesbian novels from Naiad Press, back in the late 80’s. During a huge snowstorm we were snowed in and I was bored because I’d already read all the books I’d purchased. I said to my partner, “I think I could write one of these stories.”  She dared me to try. So, I wrote my first novel just to prove I could. Twenty years later, after I retired, I had more free time and began again, initially by editing the first book. For the other books, I have no excuse!

More information about my stories, and about me, can be found at the following sites:

ebook sunset island 72dpi

Sunset Island — A Lesbian Romance
by AJ Adaire
Published by Desert Palm Press

Owning a beautiful Inn on a private island off the coast of Maine—what could be more conducive to happiness? Ren Madison is certain her life couldn’t be more perfect. She treasures her loving relationship with her older brother Jack, his wife Marie, and dotes on her niece Laura. She has a passionate and supportive relationship with her partner Brooke, and a successful business that doesn’t require her undivided attention, allowing her ample time to pursue her true passion, her art.

Then, in an instant, Ren’s idyllic world crumbles. Concern grows that Ren may never fully recover from her loss.

Marie runs into an old college friend, Dr. Lindy Caprini, at a convention. Lindy, a multi-lingual professor, divulges that she is looking for an artist to illustrate the book she’s writing. Marie instantly suggests her artistically talented sister-in-law, Ren, as someone to do the illustrations. To make working together on the book easier, Lindy takes a year sabbatical from her job, breaks off her relationship with her boyfriend, and moves to Ren’s island. Ren soon discovers that the beautiful and mischievous Lindy is a talented author and a witty conversationalist. Their collaboration on the book leads to a close, light-hearted, and flirtatious friendship. Will their collaboration end there?


Chapter 1: Look At Those Eyes
September 2005
Ren Madison watched out of the office window of the marina she owned with her brother, Jack, as the door of the out-of-state car opened and a pair of feet clad in comfortable shoes hit the gravel of the parking lot. A grin slowly curled her lips as the rest of Dr. Lindy Caprini emerged from the sports car. The woman stood and stretched before she slowly pivoted to take in the scenery, finally stopping to enjoy the gorgeous view of the ocean.

The picture on the university’s website certainly didn’t do her justice. Look at those eyes. I’d love to paint her. Collaborating with the lovely Lindy to illustrate her book should prove to be extremely pleasant working conditions, indeed. Ren made a mental note to call her sister-in-law, Marie, to thank her again for referring her to the alluring Professor Caprini.

Lindy pushed her sunglasses to the top of her head and tilted her face upwards, eyes closed, soaking in the warmth of the sun. As if she felt Ren’s eyes on her, she turned to glance at the window of the marina office where the dark haired woman sat watching. She smiled and tossed a jaunty wave before turning away to retrieve her coat from the back seat of the car.

Sad that her ability to ogle unobserved was no longer possible she closed up the file she was working on. Ren stood, quickly strode to the door, and went outside to welcome her visitor.

Tomorrow Author Spotlight with A.J. Adaire

Author Spotlight tomorrow I will have A.J. Adaire as my guest. Ms. Adaire is a number 1 best selling Amazon author of lesbian fiction.

She is running a contest this week in honor of being my guest. Check it out and be sure to stop by tomorrow to visit with her during my Author Spotlight Event.


The week long contest will be held in conjunction with AJ Adaire’s October 22, 2013 appearance in the Author Spotlight on Eden Glenn’s blog

Top prize is a $25 Amazon gift certificate,
2nd and 3rd place winners win a copy of Sunset Island




Author Spotlight – Titiana Ladley

I had the pleasure of meeting Titiana Ladley recently.

Bio: Titania Ladley is a nurse living in a cabin in the wilds of northern Wisconsin among the bears, badgers, foxes, eagles, deer, piles of snow and lakeside vacationers. She writes full-time for Ellora’s Cave Publishing with other works available from Samhain Publishing and Red Sage Publishing. Visit her website at

She’s an author doing very well for herself in the Amazon ratings. We sat down and talked about her newest book, “Kadee and the Tramp”. Take a look.

1. Who is your favorite character in this book and why?

Kaydee. She’s a strong, takes-no-shit lesbian heroine with a weakness for women who are confused about their sexuality. On the one hand, she vows to steer clear of them, but on the other, she can’t resist the temptation or the challenge of teaching on-the-fence chicks the passion that can only be shared between two women.

2. What inspires you for your stories?

Needing to share a good story with readers is the best inspiration in the world. I get a lot of my ideas or seeds of plots while doing menial household chores, during those relaxing moments just before falling asleep or waking up, when I’m having coffee on my deck listening to the birds and the wind, or when I’m driving or shopping. I always have a pen and pad of paper nearby.

3. Tell us something no one else knows about you.

Oh crap. LOL! Well, let’s see… I’ve been to a nude resort several times. And yes, I got nekkid.  😀  I did discover it ain’t my thing after all, but one never knows until they try, eh?

EG:  LOL, That’s a good one. I knew a nudest once. I’m told it is very freeing. LOL

4. What genre classification would you put on your book and what would you consider the heat level of the romance?

Contemporary Lesbian Erotic Romance.  Heat level is off the charts. *evil grin* It’s definitely a five-flamer…with five being tops. Panty-melting hot stuff here.

EG:  **Whoo Hoo Baby — Fan’s self.**

5. When did you start writing and what kicked off your passion to be an author?

I started dabbling at around the age of 12 when I began reading romance novels, which is what kicked off my writing passion. But I didn’t get serious or start learning the process until about 9 years ago or so. My first Ellora’s Cave book released in 2004.


Kaydee & the Tramp by Titania Ladley


  “Show me how a woman makes love to a woman.” Hearing that from any hetero female is normally a deal breaker. But when lesbian Kaydee Truman is propositioned with those words by her longtime secret crush—her best friend’s widowed stepmom—temptation takes a front seat to propriety. Savanah Kirtright exudes irresistible sex appeal, and her many past experiences lie solely with men. Savanah’s unexpected enthusiasm to learn how to please a woman proves to be more than Kaydee can resist.

Which turns out to be the worst mistake of her life. But how can such an agonizing slip-up feel so damn right? Neither Kaydee nor Savanah have the answer. All they know is, one sultry summer day by the lake leaves Kaydee and her new lover to make choices that will forever change their lives.

Book order:

Book 1 – Kaydee & the Tramp

Book 2 – Lipstick Leslee

Book 3 – Coming soon


Kaydee & the Tramp by Titania Ladley


Melanie’s stepmom did have the hots for me. My pulse accelerated and rapped against my sternum.

“Yes,” I finally answered. “I must admit I’ve always been attracted to you.” I clenched the muscles in my aching pussy. Oh God, the possibilities here…

She smiled, her teeth sparkling like a row of huge white diamonds in her mouth. “I knew it.”

A gentle gust of wind blew her hair over her shoulder and across her chest. My gaze latched on to one breast where the strands had just settled. The nipple speared through the thick flaxen mass and I imagined the hard knot grazing back and forth over mine. My breasts engorged with heat and my cunt quickened with the need to taste her, to feel her skin gliding over mine, to fuck her with my fingers and my tongue and my strap-on dildo.

Jesus. Unbelievable. I felt like a teenager experiencing lesbianism for the first time. If I were male, I’d probably have just blown my premature wad all over myself.

“C’mon, it’s okay.” She tucked my hair behind my ear. Her gaze followed the move with tender care while my heart fluttered and I held in a gulp of air. I waited for her next words, which subsequently stopped my heart.

“Show me how a woman makes love to a woman. Please. Right here, right now. I’m wet just imagining it. I’ve been so horny waiting for you to get here. Christ, even with a hangover, I woke up at five this morning unable to get back to sleep, totally on fire. But I didn’t do anything about it. I wanted to wait. You know, let it simmer.”

I huffed out a breath. “Whoa, simmer? For a virgin lesbian, you sure do know how to get things cooking.”

She laughed, husky and sweet. Her grin faded. “Take my virginity, then. Show me how it feels, tastes, smells. I want to be completely tutored.”

Ah, here we go, the final temptation. Her brazen proposition coupled with the sound of her provocative voice reached down into my soul and snapped that last thread of resistance. My juices spilled out of my vagina and soaked through my panties and onto the crotch of my shorts. I fisted my fingers in the hair at the back of her head. Her simmering concept appealed to me, so I fielded the instinct to yank her mouth to mine. Instead, I moved in slowly, as stealthy as a panther.

Buy Link:

Ellora’s Cave –

Amazon –

Contact: or from her website at

Thank you, Eden, for the opportunity to share my books with you and your friends. I’m looking forward to keeping in touch with you!

Bob Mayer Workshop hosted by Heart of Carolina Romance Writers of America Chapter Raleigh, NC

I had a great experience this weekend of attending a workshop hosted by the Romance Writers of America (RWA) Chapter in Raleigh, NC named Heart of Carolina Romance Writers. RWA and its affiliate chapters around the country offer the most excellent professional association for writers out there. Including extensive professional development opportunities to learn the craft and magic of writing.

I attend these things to learn, to be reminded of what I’ve learned and to network with new friends. I was thrilled to meet three of my fellow Rebel Ink Press Authors: Donna Steele, and Nancy LaPonzina and some other aspiring and successful authors in the group. (waves frantically Hi-ya guys)

The workshop organized by the group was by Bob Mayer. He is a West Point Graduate, former Green Beret and Best Selling New York Times Author. Owner of Cool Gus Publishing. Author of … I don’t know…. six frickin’ pages on Amazon of NYT best sellers.

It was a treat to say the least. I had been trying to get a chance to attend a workshop and meet Bob Mayer as my writing friends had been raving over his presentations for well, longer than I care to admit, as the years roll by. My old home group First Coast Romance Writers (FCRW) finally hosted his workshop last year but timing was off for me and I couldn’t attend from Chattanooga, TN.

Anyway if you have the opportunity, don’t wait. Go Go Go. Don’t make me drag you.

The morning was a much needed review of his principles in The Novel Writer’s Took Kit, From Idea to Best Seller.

Number one topic was Goal Motivation and Conflict. A similar song to Debra Dixon’s G,M,C. Okay sometimes a door is just a door. But I need to chant the Goal, Motivation, Conflict mantra in my sleep. Don’t laugh, you do too, I’m sure.

Then we spent time talking about what we can learn from screen plays, TV and Movies that will help us grasp the big picture view of the stories we write and take them to the next level. I was reminded of Alexandra Sokoloff’s Screen Writing Tricks for Authors. Yeah I ran into that door again, Screen Writing Tricks with Alexandra…another workshop hosted by FCRW. And another great reminder of constructing a story your readers won’t be able to put down. I’d been deconstructing several shows and movies lately for the same reason. To emulate great story showing.

An afternoon of marketing discussion reconfirmed what we all know… What the hell do we know? Just write another good story. That’s the best way to market your other stories. And perhaps doing so will help you stand on a figurative hill and hope to be struck by lightening.

Speaking of which. I’m off to write #AMWRITING

Check out my books on the book tab of this website or any of the cover hot links in the side bar. Happy Reading.

Visiting the Indy Book Fairy Today

I met the ladies at the Indy Book Fairy. They are very gracious people. Take a look at my promo interview and book review for Phoenix Reborn.

To Steal A Highlander’s Heart

Today I welcome Samantha Holt to the blog for promotion of her book “Sto Steal A Highlander’s Heart”.

MEDIA KIT ToStealAHighlandersHeart_2500px (2)



Samantha Holt


 Alana sets eyes on Morgann for the first time in several years and what does he do? He captures her! But Alana refuses to go meekly with the sexy Highland warrior. Her kidnapping will reignite the rift that’s existed between the two clans since her father accused Morgann of theft and she doesn’t want to see her father harmed in the inevitable war that will ensue.

Unfortunately for Alana, the faeries seek to interfere with her plans to escape. The sidhe have a debt to repay and Tèile, the green faery, is determined to mend the rift between the clans for good. And that means ensuring Alana and Morgann marry.

Morgann has his own reasons for taking Alana and they are nothing to do with marriage or war. He wants to use her to reveal a secret from the past, the one that had him accused of theft. If only he didn’t find his childhood friend so attractive. When circumstances force them together, Alana’s life is threatened and war is imminent. Can Morgann reveal the truth without losing Alana? And will the faeries meddling help or hinder his cause?


“‘Tis something I have to do. I cannae explain my motives but ‘tis nae for something as petty as revenge, I promise ye.”

Shaking her head, she inched closer. “I donnae see why ye cannae explain. Ye used to tell me everything, remember?”

“Not everything.”

Hand thrust out, he pressed it to her shoulder in an attempt to hold her back. She could hardly think when she got closer but the heat of his body seemed to suck her in. They were speaking in riddles. Dancing around one another. Both trying to understand what the other wanted. She’d intended to manipulate him. To bargain her freedom, yet somewhere along the line the past had caught up with her and the burning desire to understand what had happened all those years ago snared her.

And then another kind of desire swept her up.

Alana curled her fingers around his wrist and drew his hand away from her shoulder. She glanced down at his arm and paused. Bringing her other hand up, she gently rolled up his sleeve, fingertips skimming over his skin.

“What did ye not tell me then?”

His throat worked as he swallowed and Morgann shook his head. “I’d hardly tell ye now.”

“Ye are a stubborn man, Morgann MacRae.” Her fingers settled on the scar on his arm, tracing the shape of it—a brand in the shape of a dagger tip. She winced as she considered the pain he must have felt.

 MEDIA KIT SamanthaHoltAuthorSmall (2)


 Samantha resides in Warwickshire, England with her twin girls and husband. She’s a romance addict and has been devouring all kinds of romance for as long as she can remember.

Having studied archaeology, Samantha likes to blend her love of the past with her passion for romance to create thrilling and passionate tales set to medieval backdrops. She thinks there’s nothing sexier than a rugged warrior and a feisty maiden falling head over heels for each other.



Amazon page:

 One Lucky Commentor on the blast tour, randomly drawn, will have the chance to win a $50.00 Amazon Gift certificate courtesy of Samantha Holt, Author. Follow the Book Blast Tour with Goddess Fish Promotions at the following host cites. The more you comment the better your chances of winning.

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