Whatcha readin?

I was an avid reader as a kid.  Maybe you were too.  Perhaps you have recently found a niche in literature that you really enjoy.

I started out the love affair with books through my parents.  Our entertainment was family reading in the evenings.  I don’t really even remember learning.  One of my earliest memories was. . . probably in first grade, you know when teacher has all the kids  go around the circle taking turns reading a line from a book,  “Run Dick Run”. ( Now I’m dating myself.)

I vividly remember reading what ever the line was and agonizing while the others struggled to make out the sounds.  Buh Buh Buh Awe Awe bub.  OMG Bob for crying out loud. I had no patience as a child.

I was also too shy to say anything.  I know, those of you who know me are thinking. ” SHY?  What are you talking about, girl!”  However, I was PAINFULLY shy.

So you can see by the time the class made it around the reading circle and back to me,  I wanted to poke my eye out with the pencil. “Go Spot Go” and the agony began all over again.  I also faintly remember that teacher didn’t like it that I already knew how to read when I started school.  I guess I skewed with her data.

When I did a book report in, oh, I think second or third grade on “The Fox and The Hound”.  The teacher actually asked me if I really read the book.  (That was of course before the Disney Movie version of the story.)

“No, I got the ending from the K-3 cliff notes version.”  I wasn’t nearly this snarkey as a kid either.

So you see books and I have always had a love affair.  My first romance was Majesty’s Rancho by  Zane Grey.  I think that was the title.  I fell in love with Zane Grey westerns.  I then graduated to the fantasy and science fiction genre.  Of course I loved the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings before they were cool outside the academic community.

Anne McCaffrey became a favorite author in my teens.  She has strong romantic elements woven through her writing.  A love of reading is something I have passed down to my children in our own reading night tradition.

Now I have a long list of favorite romance writers.  That is a discussion for another post.

Share with us your favorite bookcopy-of-heart-drink.  What are you reading now?

One response to “Whatcha readin?

  1. Hey Renee,

    I was reading a certain book by a certain someone, but I don’t want to hurt her feelings if she does a Google search of her name! I forced myself to about page 97 and just couldn’t take the pain anymore.

    Now I’m reading “An Unladylike Offer,” by Christine Merrill and I love it! It’s hard to find time to read while also writing, but we do squeeze it in, don’t we? 🙂

    Have a stellar writing weekend!