Thanks to my FB friend Patricia Logan for finding this cook cat picture.

Check out what Amarinda Jones thinks about the outting of the erotic romance author by the narrow minded frigid wenches. Amarinda Jones over at Blog Spot.

Check out my friend J.S. Nichols new release over at her website Her romantic suspense Come back to Me was released this week. Jess is fantastic so check her book out over at Sapphire Blue

Also, checkout Sarah Ballance’s new book “Run to You” an engaging romantic suspense. They are blogging today over at Sex Marks the G Spot

I am going to be a guest over there at Sex Marks The G Spot on May 5th and 6th as an upcoming new author on the scene.

I also blog twice a month over at Sensual N Secrets. It is a blog unveiling hidden desires. Take a peak at it over here. Caliente’ link

Happy Blogging everyone.

PS cat picture courtest of Happyzenpets blog lol this blog

2 responses to “Blog MASH UP TIME!

  1. that cat is kinda creeping me out…

    • Yes, she is a colorful puss puss. The story has it that her owners dyed her with coolaid thinking it would be temporary. Alas…it was not. It will have to grow out. hahah