Cracked Me UP

I ordered t-shirts for give away’s to help promote myself as author. I took great pains in designing these shirts. They are awesome.

The front has a square with purple and red flowers down the side. There is a skull and some dragon flies. It is a nice graphic. The print was supposed to say Eden Glenn, Author, Erotic Paranormal Romance.

Then on the back there were the same purple flowers and red flowers. No skull but a couple of dragon flies. Then the print was supposed to say my blog address Then “Leave Your Safe World Behind”.

I was following the thought of marketing myself as a brand. Not one specific book.

When they arrived I was excited to open them. Whoop Whoop. Imagine my expression when I read…instead of Eden Glenn, Author, Erotic Paranormal Romance I saw

Black Dog’s Deadliest Snatch

Whaaaa???? Now while that might be an awesome title for an erotic ? suspense? IDK. It is not now the title of any of my books nor is it expected to be in the near future. Seriously?
Seriously? Black Dog’s Deadliest Snatch.

The back of the t-shirt was correct.

Then I started to giggle. Somewhere, someone was opening a box just like I had with perhaps, great anticipation, expecting to read “Black Dog’s Deadliest Snatch” only to read….Eden Glenn, Author, Erotic Paranormal Romance on the front of their ordered shirts and their tag line on the back.

Yes, it is all true. Leave Your Safe World Behind.

5 responses to “Cracked Me UP

  1. I totally want one of these. GIMME!!!

  2. Okay Abigail. Do you one one of the ones with the Black Dog’s Deadliest Snatch on the front or the ‘Eden Glenn’ one. LOL

  3. There now you can see the pictures of the marketing nightmare. LOL