Masterful Job

Two things this week.  Daughter and I went to the movies a couple of times this week.

Hunger Games!  I have to applaud the marketing job that was done for the release of this movie.  Books and merchandising leading up the the actual movie was PHENOMENAL!

You reached the apex and there was no choice but to go see the movie. Months ahead of time, trailers were out, action figure dolls, jewlery, posters, etc.

There is a cook book out, behind the making off the movie book with photos. We already knew and loved the world. The characters were already friends from the mass marketing thrust.

Symbolism that we could relate to.  I mean who would not want to wear a mockingjay pin for good luck. Seriously. And I know where you can get one.

I saw this trend starting as much as 11 years ago with the beginning of the Harry Potter franchise. Marvelous job but a little bit response drivin. Twillite was a bit more timely with all the “extras” but pieces of it were still reactionary.

It was almost like they weren’t sure how big this was going to get and got caught a little surprised. Perhaps the conversation sounded a little bit like, this is getting out of control. That’s great what can we give them next.

Hunger Games?  Well, a masterful job, the campaign was extremely well plotted. I am in awe. I can imaging the conversation here was more like, We are going to make this big, really Big, We can do this, and that. etc.  I love the plan executed to perfection.

If I ever have a book make it big, I want Suzanne Collins’ publicist on my team.

Oh, yes and we loved the movie and the books. All the classic themes are there in a refreshing original, creative concept. Great job, Kudos Ms. Collins. You’ve been added to my fan girl list of mentors.

4 responses to “Masterful Job

  1. Haven’t read this book yet but with all I’ve been hearing about it lately, it has been moved up much closer to the top of my TBR pile. And then I’ll be off to see the movie.

    I love seeing when books take off like this and get the whole enchilada – the films, the hype, the merchandising. It motivates me to try harder! 🙂

  2. Haven’t read it yet, either. Not sure if I want to. I like my stories light and with a happy ending. 🙂

    • Yes, it had some disturbing parts. I guess the ending was happy for now. Although I didn’t like Petra.