Just Plain Old Wierd

Que the old Twillite Zone Music here.

I was asked to participate in a Jumanji walk at my night job work.  That’s where a collection of managers come by and ask you questions about barriers to your productivity.  It might not really be called a Jumanji walk but it’s something odd like that.

Any who! I said sure. I’ll talk about barriers.  I went up to the group and introduced myself. Hey I’m (insert real name here— not pen name of Eden Glenn).

The head manager guy cocked his head and said Oh, you’re name is (insert real name again), I thought it was Eden.

Is that wierd or what? In the cosmos do I look like Eden? Have I become Eden? Or am I soooo busted!!!! LOLOLOL

4 responses to “Just Plain Old Wierd

  1. Eden Glenn – Weird stuff happens all the time in the town I live in – It’s kind of like the XFiles – no kidding.

    • Yeah, I can’t explain it. This wasn’t a person I would have expected to be reading my erotic romance. However, hummm. *grin* that would make things interesting. LOL

  2. That is so odd! Is your real name similar to Eden? If not, it’s either weird cosmos stuff, or you have been busted somehow. I’m assuming the day job doesn’t know about the writing?