On a Search for Sexy

Going on a bear hunt. *hands drumming desk*

The illusive hunt for a sexy woman.  What is sexy to you?

Jessica Rabbit give us the curvy woman with dreamy eyes and full lips. A Character right?

Perhaps? perhaps not!

Kiera Knightly typifies the ingenue of this generation.


I love the laughter and sense of humor I see in Ann Hathaway



The dangerous woman has an allure. Charlize Theron gave the Aeon Flux character that mystery and danger.


And do you recognize her?  Ziva David of NCIS. The actress’ name doesn’t come up much. Cote de Pablo! yes that’s her.  I love the quote on the show from one episode. I can’t remember who asked. “Does Ziva have a weapon?” in some undercover role. Gibbs retorted, “Ziva IS a weapon.”  Got to love it.

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