Moving Forward Step by Step

Dar’kind Promises will Release Feb, 2013

Paranormal Erotic Romance F/F


And great news to add to this, Rebel Ink Press accepted my proposal for six shorts to release next year, every other month. They are part of the Amethyst Desire series.  Story one, “Raynia’s Magic” released last Feb, 2012. The new novellettes will range in length from 5 to 10K words.  The amethyst necklace made an appearance in “Raynia’s Magic”. At the end I left it open for the reader to decide if the pendant had any magical influence in the way the events unfolded. The mystery of the gem’s properties will continue through these next shorts.

They promise to be hot erotic situations with a laugh or two as you usually find in my stories.

I’m excited about the potential for the future. Stay tuned. LOL

2 responses to “Moving Forward Step by Step

  1. I look forward to reading the novelettes as they unfold. Amethyst has magical properties as the readers will discover.

    • Thank you Wolf, I hope you will be pleased. The first story is of course “Raynia’s Magic”. The second to be released in this series is “Beverly’s Secret” and can be expected to release April, 2013. (GRIN)