Samhain Blessings

I’ve been doing research for some of my paranormals that feature magical aspects and spell work. I enjoyed learning more about Samhain, November 1st.

Halloween is a secular holiday and not the same as Samhain.

I always thought it was pronounced like on Supernatural, SAM-Hayne.  However, I have learned there are multiple pronunciations for the word and none of them are SAM-Hayne.  I prefer the galic Sau-win.

It is the end of the harvest season when the dark half of the year begins…winter. The Crone morns the death of the Lord of Summer.

It is the pagan new year’s eve. It is one of the principle pagan Sabbats of the year. Tonight is a night to reflect on our ancestors who have passed on.  The veil is very thin on this night. It is a time of contemplation, communication with the departed spirits and a renewal of our families and households.

Foods for this night are apples, rich stews, breads.

Cut an apple cross wise and you will see the pagan star, or pentagram. Interesting fact.

So, nite to all and blessings of Samhain upon you and yours.


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