Join us on Blog Talk Radio

I’ve been invited to be a part of “Anything Goes’ blob talk radio show on Cyber Monday to promote my work. I’m thrilled and excited. The show starts at 10pm EST

Bennet Pomerantz is going to be our host. He is a reviewer with a rich long career in media entertainment.

This is not a regular ANYTHING GOES show…..its to promote all my book and website. It will be a packed 90 minute show. Since my work is published in ebook format it’s perfect to be a part of this on Cyber Monday. Come on over and join us. I’m on at 10:45p.m. Here is the schedule:

10pm–Patricia Tallman/Kathleen Ball/Jodi Olson/Joann H Buchanan

1015p=Elizabeth Black/Joel Pierson/Tricia Drammeh/Marsha Casper Cook/Valerie Douglas

1030P-Michel/Prince/Vallory Vance/Leeann Murphy/Cassandre Dayne/Sherri Hayes

1045p–Mary Ting/Eden Glenn/Cynthia Michaels/Missy Davis/Shane O’Neill

11pm Fran Orenstein/Linda Leander/John Henry Brebbia/KB Miller

1115pm-Joanna Lee Doster/Betty Dravis/Barbara Watkins/Ashley Fountainne

I hope you will join us

One response to “Join us on Blog Talk Radio

  1. I seemed to repel technology tonight and couldn’t get through to a solid connection. At last I made it on just after 11:00p.m. eastern time. I hope everyone tuned in and enjoyed the selection of books promoted tonight. I know I added one or two to my to be read pile!