The Way To The Heart – Rebel Ink Authors Charitable Project 2013

Rebel In Press Authors look for ways to give back each year. This year Rebel Ink Press is creating a cook book with contributions from twenty seven of us.  I submitted Makala Reynaud’s family Jambalaya recipe cooked up for Beverly in “Beverly’s Secret”

“The Way To The Heart” cook book will be released 4/17/13! The same day as “Beverly’s Secret”.   Carl Franklin the Ninja Graphic Artist extraordinair! has been busy again. Take a look.


Through the ages food has been seen as a way to commune with others, bringing fellowship to the table while nourishing the body. Food is key in celebration and in honoring. It’s also been commonly widespread everything from asparagus to honey to chocolate and oysters hold aphrodisiacal properties. But we at Rebel Ink Press believe not only is food nourishment for the body and fuel for romance, cooking is one of the sexiest and most nurturing things one can do for another.

It’s the way to the heart.

Rebel Ink Press presents The Way to the Heart, a collection of recipes from twenty-six Rebel writers, our charitable project for 2013. For every copy sold a charitable donation will be made to help nurture families and communities around the world through Heifer International.

Thank you for your purchase. By opening your heart, you’ll find the way to someone else’s.

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