Rebel Ink Press Earth Day Blog Hop

Hi everyone welcome to the Earth Day Blog Hop.

**raises hand** Hello my name is Eden and I am a book lover.  Yes, I love the feel of a cherished book in my hands, I love the crisp feel of pages as they turn. I adore the smell of libraries, book stores. The visual display of shelf after shelf of books makes me giddy.  My dream room is swoon worthy. The castle library from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast would en’trance me and hold me willing captive. (((hangs head – sigh)))

I was part of the generation who said these “Gol darn new fangled electronic books that you could read on some kinda computer or phone or whachamagiggie” grumble grumble “They are a passing phase like eight track tapes…. It won’t last.”

Weight that out against a business conference I went too BEFORE e-books.  I would stuff my carry on with about 7 books to make it through the five day conference. I then often bought a couple more books while I was out there.

The time had to come. My house isn’t big enough for all the books I love. It is nigh on impossible to carry all the books I desire to read while I travel. I love the privacy of no one being able to see the cover of the juicy little naughty tid bit I’ve chosen for this afternoon’s reading adventure. I converted to the worship of eb00ks.

That doesn’t remove the sensual pleasure I have touching a book. But I’m a practical kinda girl.

And on the serious side, pulp, paper and book production can be a horrible polluter. Just drive through certain sections of GA and the Carolina’s near a Pulp mill.  Ewwwww what a rank aroma.  Imagine wet sour dog food. Tons of it.  That is a close approximation of the smell of a wood pulp mill.

So celebrate Earth Day with me and the crew of Rebel Ink Press.  Go on over there and visit some of the other RIP authors.

And register here through this raffle copter thing-a-maggie and you could win some treasures and really cool stuff. Kindle and swag basket

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The blog hop runs the 22 through the 26th. So I’ll share some tidbits with you about the various books I have available via the Ebook format. Save a tree, Read an E-Book.

I am finding that the words are equally delicious and enjoyable even without the pages in my hands. LOL



2 responses to “Rebel Ink Press Earth Day Blog Hop

  1. Hi Eden! I’m like you, I love real books, but I also am enjoying e-books. I don’t think I’ll ever be completely sold, but they definitely have their purpose.

  2. I am adjusting. Being epublished is a great incentive. LOL. Progress, change. Whether paper or electronic. I enjoy the story just the same. LOL