Phoenix Reborn


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Vol 3 of The Amethyst Desire Collection

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Phoenix Reborn F/F Paranormal Erotic Romance

This is a wonderful tale of shapeshifters and magical beings.

Tam makes her appearance at the end of “Beverly’s Secret” when she comes into “Salynne’s Crystals and Thyme” to purchase a gift. Sure enough she goes away with the amethyst necklace.

I am in the final write and edits before sending this off to Rebel Ink Press.  It should be out early this summer.

Stay tuned, more to come.

But here is an excerpt from Beverly’s Secret to tease you. Meet the formidable Tameron

“The door opened, the small silver bell tinkling a welcome. A very attractive woman dressed in cargo pants and a black polo shirt made her way into the shop looking around scanning the area for something. Her white hair was startling. It wasn’t grey and she wasn’t old. It didn’t have that platinum blonde, I bleached the shit out of my hair look.

Bev could tell a browser from a customer at a glance. “May I help you find something?” With any luck this woman would be the last customer of the day then Bev could lock up and go home. She was keenly interested in seeing Makala again tonight and hopefully making plans for the rest of the weekend ahead.

The woman looked up at Bev with piercing ice blue eyes and continued walking through the store. She paused in front of the jewelry case then spoke. “I’d like to look at this.”

Bev hurried over with the key to the display that held the crystal necklaces. “Any piece in particular, you’d like to see.”

The woman pointed directly at the one damn necklace Bev didn’t want to sell. “There the one in the center, the amethyst stone.”

You’ll see Phyro find Tam’s softer sexy side in “Phoenix Reborn”


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