I am moved beyond words for the loss the folks in Oklahoma are experiencing.

We lived in Florida for many years. Hurricane Haven. The thing about a hurricane though is you have time to leave…days usually. Tornadoes, humm, not so much.

We lost our house and belongings during the Hurricane, Charlie, Jean, Frances, Katrina 2005 mess.  Jean and Frances took us out.  Probably little tornadoes in the storm.  We were able to evacuate safely prior to the storm.

I took the family photo albums, clothes, provisions.

The three things I wish I had taken

1. Christmas Ornaments. – The kids had a collection of ornaments that dated back one per year from the time they were born. I had ornaments hand made by my mother, grandmother, great grandmother. Small hand blown glass ones over a hundred years old.

2. My oldest had written a little chapter book and illustrated it called “Buckwheat the Wonder Pony” That is a cherished thing that can’t ever be replaced.

3. My college box with research papers from school, my diplomas and yearbooks.

I really don’t miss anything else. We were able to save the family china, after the storm.

Odd huha?

I saw a video clip of an older woman talking about the storm in Oklahoma.  I started crying. She talked about how she sat on a stool in the bathroom holding her dog. She recounts her experience and finding herself under the rubble of her house…seeing light and crawling out from under the debris. Her little dog wasn’t with her. She said, he must be under there somewhere. She didn’t have to say, dead.

Then there is a movement from off to the right. The camera pans over and there is something moving. The dog is under some bits of her house. She goes over and starts pulling stuff off of him telling the reporters “help me”. Her reunion with the dog broke me up.

You can replace stuff…most stuff. You can’t replace life. My thoughts for those folks who lost the lives of their children and those they love.

2 responses to “Oklahoma

  1. I could never live in a tornado state. LIke you said, you get warnings with hurricanes. I can’t even imagine.

  2. I grew up in a tornado state. It’s scary as hell whenever a storm blows in. You don’t know what kind it’s going to be. I can’t count the number of times the path of destruction was less than a few miles from us. So thankful we were never hit. I worry every time Indiana is under a tornado watch or warning. All of my family and friends are there.

    I saw that video, Eden. I couldn’t stop from crying – and smiling at the same time. One good thing in the midst of so much tragedy. My heart breaks for all those people.