Guest today Helen Ogrodnick

Helen is one of my Rebel Ink Press peers.  She is unlike any of the other Rebel Ink Press authors that I’ve developed friendships with over the years.  Because, you see… Helen wrote Dear Elvira when she was 77 years old.  Yes Helen is a real rebel! Her first chapter is available for a free read on the Rebel Ink Press blog.

5x6 Elvira

Blurb for Dear Elvira

    Matt Joplin was a small town boy who moved to the city after graduating from high school in Amherst, Texas. He was the product of divorced parents because of an incident which left Matt heartbroken.  After moving to Lubbock, he was fortunate to land a job at the City Newspaper.  After a few years of working at the newspaper, he developed close friendships with some of the other employees and was asked to join their bowling team. Here he met an older gentleman and his granddaughter, whose family values made a lasting impression on him. Not only did the other employees like and respect Matt, Grace, took him shopping to introduce him to “modern” fashion.  Matt was given a special assignment by his editor, the nature of which was to remain a secret.  Two of the other newsmen and Matt were sent to a nearby city to cover an important event.  There, his co-workers were introduced to Matt’s father and his stepfather, both of whom were very wealthy and influential men. Matt decided he wanted to use his job as a reporter to make a difference in the lives of people less fortunate than he.

Then there was this certain girl…..

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