Author Spotlight Welcomes Virginia Nelson tomorrow.

I contacted Virginia Nelson to be part of my Author Spotlight quite by chance. You see, as authors, we’ve pretty much all decided that we don’t have the faintest clue what works in marketing. I’ve attended workshops, lectures, seminars both live and on line that talk about marketing. I’ve bought books, even read those books. Social Media..bla bla bla…blogging yack yack. Do what you like. yada yada. Bottom line always the same. In the long and short of it. No one really knows what works.

I’ve been told a good cover, the right price and a great blurb are key. I guess I could write a whole blog about what might work for marketing. But WHY? since NOONE REALLY KNOWS. So do what you like. I like meeting people and….

Oh yes, I digress.  So I was looking at Amazon stats and saw that people who buy my books also bought Virginia Nelson’s books. Humm. What the heck. Let’s get together and visit.

So bobbie’s your aunt and harry’s your uncle wa’la Virginia agreed to be my guest. Now I can really say. I LOVE this woman’s voice.

Take a look at this I gleaned visiting her website about a book coming out in January.  Isn’t this the most wonderful bit of dialogue ever!

I loved the two female characters immediately and Braxton! well he brings bacon what isn’t to like. LOL

So come on over and visit with Virginia tomorrow and hear about her most recent release. She tells me Her books are for sale but the Snark if FREE


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