Eden Glenn Welcomes Joey W. Hill This Week

Joey W. Hill is coming to my blog as a guest. No you don’t get it. JOEY W. Freakin HILL is coming to my blog for a visit.  I’ve been a fan for a long time. Can you tell?  I contacted her some years ago expressing my fandom in a non-creapy way. (I hope). I had read one of her books (the first for me)…okay the name escapes me at the moment. However, the emotion still remains with me and raises the hairs on the back of my arms with it’s realism and eroticism. I was like WOW~! WOWWWzer.

It was before I was published. She had such kind words of encouragement that thrilled me and made me whisper “really?” LOL

I am so proud to be part of her blog tour and welcome her to my humble “home” as a guest for her upcoming December 3rd release of “Unrestrained”.

Stay Tuned!

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5 responses to “Eden Glenn Welcomes Joey W. Hill This Week

  1. Eden, how did you know my middle name was “Freaking”? Wow, that’s amazing (grin). Seriously, that intro is amazing. I feel like I have to wear a cape and everything, but then I’m likely to get tangled up and trip in it and land at you feet, ruining the whole image (wink).

    You were not creepy at all on that first contact, but lovely and gracious. And I’m deeply flattered to have some small part in inspiring you along your track to publication. I’m delighted to be a guest in your home. Look forward to our day together!

  2. You two are too funny! Joey Hill congratulations on your new release!