Joey W. Hill Unrestrained

I am so happy to welcome Joey W. Hill to tell you more about her release “Unrestrained”. No doubt this is a must read for erotic romance readers.

Release Date December 3, 2013


Note: This book was previously titled Letting Go; updated 6/2013.

Athena is a widow and an accomplished businesswoman. She’s the type of person who exceeds expectations in business, family–life in general. Since the death of her husband, she’s had a desire to explore submissive cravings she’s had for some time. The hitch is, Athena is known as a Mistress, because that’s the role she played to her husband.

Though she knew her submissive nature was strong enough to serve her husband as a Domme, because that’s what he needed, it’s when she meets Dale, a retired Navy SEAL, that she attempts to discover what her own submissive desires are. But letting go of that control is harder than she expected.

Fortunately, Dale is an accomplished Master who can help her accept the true nature of her submission, rather than how she’s tailored it to meet the expectations of others. But in the course of learning what letting go means, both of them will learn a bit more about the nature of love between Dominant and submissive, and how it defies all categories.

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Joey is giving away a signed copy of Unrestrained or book of reader’s choice at each blog stop (picked from comments – email is required or entry won’t count) and for the launch party and tour grand prize, a $100 Amazon or B&N gift card along with a signed copy of Unrestrained or book of reader’s choice.

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20 responses to “Joey W. Hill Unrestrained

  1. Good morning, Eden! Hope you had a good time at yesterday’s launch party. I know my TBR list is now quite a bit heavier, including your book! I’m delighted to be here today. If you or your readers have any questions or comments for me, or if you want to randomly chat about anything from Christmas plans to books to movies to erotic stuff or Sons of Anarchy or Justified (I’m a fan of those two series), shout out. Pretty much anything goes with me (grin).

    I’ll be running the cat up to the vet for a blood check in a little bit, but expect to be back within an hour and a half, max. Otherwise I should be in and out throughout the day!

    • You are a Sons of Anarchy Fan? Confirmed. Joey W. Hill is a Goddess! Whoot!

      I do love my little stories. I’ve still so much to learn but so far so good. Ha!

      I hope we get some comments today. I have a lot of readers on this web page but often they are too shy (?) to say much.

      I had my first Thanksgiving in the Smoky Mountains. My middle daughter came to visit and I ran upstairs to wake her Thanksgiving morning with shouts of “It’s a Thanksgiving Miracle!” She in turn looked out the window and said “Freakin Snow?” Ah Well. The Magic is where you find it.

      Thanks for visiting today.

      • You’re a fellow SOA addict – awesome! I have it DVR’ed to watch when my brother comes back through town today. He’s a fan as well, but I’m pretty sure it’s not because of how sexy Charlie Hunnam is. Ah well, different strokes for different folks. Seriously, I love the writing for that show, with the exception of last season when they went off on that weird tangent when they were trying to make Jax so much like Clay, and everyone else was so unsympathetic, they almost lost me as a viewer. They seem to be trying to put it back on track this year.
        Okay, before I get off on a long diatribe about SOA, no worries about the comments at all – it varies from blog to blog, and I know I’m often guilty of being a lurker. But as a lurker, I enjoy what I’m reading, so that’s all that matters. :>
        Your story about your daughter made me laugh. I love nature in all its forms, so whenever say something like “Isn’t that a gorgeous sunset?” my husband likes to tease me with an indifferent shrug and an “If you like that kind of thing.” He’s an instigator.
        From your blurb it sounds like you’re learning all the right things. Being a writer is a never-ending journey of discovery in terms of craft and business, so there’s not a ONE of us who can’t be a better writer with every story. The day we think we’ve nothing left to learn about this diverse craft is the day we stagnate.
        Okay, I’ll stop rambling. Still a little wound up from the cat/vet excursion – got a bunch of frozen food at the grocery store while I was waiting for them to get the cat’s bloodwork done and my engine light came on (and the engine started sputtering). I basically prayed the car, unhappy cat and frozen entrees home (laughter). So, relieved sigh, safe and sound, and happy to be here!

  2. Love the excerpt Joey. I have this on my TRL now. Sorry I missed the launch party , sounds like you had a ball. I’m looking forward to reading Athena and Dale’s story.Thank for the giveaway opportunity ladies.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

    • Thank you, Carol!! We’re sorry you couldn’t be there, but the great thing about our writer/reader blog world is we’re always out here partying and playing. There will be other chances – like on this blog today (beaming). Thanks for coming to see me!

  3. I knew there was a reason I loved you other than your excellent writing !! I am addicted to SOA also!!!…. can’t believe next week is the last of this season & I am still reeling from last nite! It is so hard to sleep after watching!
    This new book – Unrestrained – sounds like a story I really want to know!! Thanks for all the generous giveaways on this tour. What a great Christmas this will be for all your winners!


    • Ah, man – I can’t wait to watch it! I’m hoping Tara will turn back to Jax in the end even though Kurt Sutter, the creator, said “it’s not going to end well for anyone” during next year’s final season. I’m hoping he was just yanking our chain. Else I will be sending him hate mail (lol).

      I hope you get the chance to enjoy Dale and Athena’s story, and I’m always so glad you keep taking the journey with me and my characters. Every author needs readers like you! :> Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  4. HI Joey, We learn more about you at every guest appearance. Unrestrained was awesome!! You just have to write about a hero I fall in love with. My list is growing.

    • And what I consider miraculous is I haven’t managed to alienate most of you – yet (lol). Thank you, dear – I’m right there with you, especially on Dale. He had all the qualities I like to see in a man! (and though he had that tough SEAL physique, it was the man beneath that captured my heart).

  5. Hi Joey,
    Another book of your I have to read 🙂 You books are a must read for me.

  6. Oh geez,I knew I forgot to mention something fun today. Even though Unrestrained is my latest book release, I have a digital novella that just “hit the shelves” as well, and it has a Christmas theme, which is why I’m bringing it up. Don’t know if you guys are like this, but I like immersing myself in movies, stories, etc about the holidays to get in the mood (yep, don’t take my Hallmark channel away from me). Anyhow it’s a story called Submissive Angel I wrote as part of the O Come All Ye Kinky anthology last Christmas and now it’s available as a digital standalone. But honestly, I recommend the anthology as much as the standalone. It’s full of good Christmas love and romance, with a good bit of kink thrown in – the perfect combo. Anyhow, if that would be of interest, you can find out more about both at And 20% of the proceeds of either go to charity!

    All right, time to watch Sons of Anarchy with my brother. Violence, sex, biker gangs – all the things we also associate with the holidays (lol).

  7. Joey,
    I noticed you’ve been promoting O Come All Ye Kinky and the fact that 20% of the proceeds go to charity I’m curious is that only from sales at riptide? I just received this book in the mail yesterday also, I hope to have you sign it at some point just a warning lol!

    • Pyper, 20% comes from the third-party vendors as well, but it’s a net proceeds thing with them, so the charity gets more money if bought from Riptide directly. But any amount helps, so if you prefer third party, no worries. However, one thing that may sway people on it right now is this month they’re offering a 25-30% discount on all formats of the book as well! Oh, and if you want me to, I can send you a label all the authors signed together and then sign it personally as well next time we meet! Just let me know.

  8. Unrestrained looks and sounds fantastic!

  9. Love the blurb and can´t wait for my chance to read, =)
    Happy Saturday!