Friday, Friday

It’s Friday. Wheee! Love Friday’s.

I haven’t given a life update lately, so today we catch up on all the real things that I’ve embraced lately.

I’m centered in a little town outside Asheville, NC now. I love it. Every season has some beautiful scenic eye candy. Our home is a lovely craftsman cottage, hard wood floors throughout. Open floor plan flowing from the livingroom (with fireplace) through the kitchen.

The upper 2nd floor has a bedroom for guests and a loft bedroom that we turned into a craft room library. The main floor has the Living room, dining room, kitchen (with a mudroom leading to the back deck), den (also leading to the back deck), and a small anteroom that opens to the bedroom, bath, and another bedroom. That second bedroom is our shared office space and a small twin bed for company.

The basement is as big as the footprint of the house and provides workspace for a shop with painting, sanding and assembly centers, a motorcycle area, gardening area, and a bit of storage.


Gardens blooming every season except winter…viewed from every window in the house. Japanese Maples, butterfly bushes, cala lillies, day lillies, iris, ivy, hydrangea, fire bushes, dwarf fir tree, and a list of flowers/plants that I don’t recognize, can’t spell yet produce fantastic colors and blooms. The former male owner was a landscaper for many years. This summer there was probably a million butterflies fluttering in a converge all over the butterfly bushes. My goal is to add more plants to complete the entire habitat for the butterfly life cycle.  We even had several hummingbirds hang around the place. It was only the second time I’ve ever seen a hummingbird.


I was able to bring in cut flowers arranged in Great Grandma’s cut glass crystal vases, spring, summer and into the fall.




We’ve done quite a bit of remodeling. Nothing was necessary of course but there were little touches we wanted to make. First was a bit of painting. ;-).  The previous owner had painted one wall in the den plaid.

Now I love a scottish brogue as much as the next. I’ve spent fantasy time wanting the kilt on that bonnie lad to blow up just a wee bit more on a breezy day. LOL.  However, She PAINTED the WALL PLAID!!! Just had to go.  So, we took a cool taupe sweater to the local hardware store and matched the paint color to create a cool natural color for the den. One wall is a deep dark plum color for accent and that color continues into the kitchen for accent as well. Additionally one wall in the Living room needed to have the cool taupe so it would match our new Georgia O’Keefe print.


Then there was the infamous wolf shrine on the anteroom wall and door leading to the basement. Yes, I said WOLF shrine. It was a little creapy.  Yet, as we were painting I had painful sorrow. We were painting over something that another woman had invested much love, painstaking effort…something she cherished. It was sad but change is inevitable.

Wolf Murel on Garage Door

Our first major construction project was to take the wall on the back side of the den that supported double windows and have french doors installed.

Back wall of den

Oh what a difference to open up this small room.  The den is basically the TV room. A loveseat and a small recliner are about the only furniture that it will support. There is a doorway to the anteroom that has a shelf unit with movies and music. So that’s one doorway. There is a door to the upper floor and a doorway to the kitchen. Then the french doors out. A plant shelf on the one big wall.  So it is a cozy space without much wall realestate.

The french doors open out onto the back deck. Which in and of itself is fairly large. However, it had an asymmetrical shape. And with the installation of the outward opening doors we lost about three foot of useful deck space. So the next project was to take the deck out another six feet. Square it up into a continuous rectangle shape. And on one end create a platform with extra reinforcement under it to support the hot tub. Yes, within the next several months we will be re-locating the hot tub back from friends.


The kitchen was a red, grey, green distressed black hole. So considerable painting happened in there. The whole thing is now an ultra white with the arch wall looking into the dinning room a deep, dark, rich plum for accent. We kept the hand painted checkered floor. New knobs topped it off for a clean new look. We also had a non-working dumb waiter from the basement taken out to make room for a pantry cabinet.


My alter ego J.R. Lowe has been narrating. That’s been a whole mess in technology. I could spend hours telling you about all the stuff that has gone wrong, but suffice it to say that J.R. Lowe’s narrating business is continuing to grow and gain strength. I think the next phase will involve a refrigerator box in the basement with foam sound proofing to make an audio studio. LOL.

While all of this remodeling and unpacking, house organizing has been going on we’ve continued to embrace the cultural adventures available in this part of the world. We’ve attended fall craft fairs, art shows, judged craft beers at the Blue Ridge Brew off. I’ve attended scholarly conferences, writing workshops, library conventions, Dragon CON, dances, county fairs, The National Gingerbread contest, found waterfalls, biked all over the place and visited with Elk out on the Cherokee Reservation. I’ve spent a month sick with the after Dragon CON crude, Had a motorcycle skid out that left me painful and unable to do heavy work for some time. Seen amazing things, done wonderful things, had so much fun.

All of this has caused me to work hard to finding balance of the professional, social, personal worlds. I have received wonderful beautiful heart warming comments from readers on some of my work out there. I am happy and at peace in all dimensions of my life.

Cat, Pony, Dog and I have all found our happy home.



So, what’s on the agenda. I’m working through the final edits on a M/F/M menage’ paranormal story. Yes, with wolf shapeshifters. Wonder what inspired that. LOL. And the next work is a F/F contemporary centered around New Years Eve and being open to the change the fates have in store for use. Humm another inspiration from life?

Stay tuned and once again… Thank you all for a very happy and wonderful year. I look forward to more stories that will make you tingle, feel the awe of true love and smile for lovers finding their happily ever after.

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