Exposition by Kyle Taylor

Kyle Taylor is my guest today to promote Exposition an American Epic. Read through to the end…prizes, prizes.

I had to be a hostess because this book sounds fabulous! An interview with Kyle Taylor will post at 7a.m. What an interesting person behind the scenes as he answers some candid questions about writing and behind the scenes of the book.


by Kyle Taylor

MEDIA KIT Exposition


Meet Benjamin Wyatt, a handsome young architect helping create the magnificent 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition.  While immersed in work at the famous architectural firm of Burnham and Root, Benjamin’s pugnacious, social climbing father, Walter Wyatt, pushes him to marry the stunningly beautiful debutante, Evelyn Van Buren—thus securing the family’s position in Chicago society.  Yet, when Benjamin meets the cocky young electrical engineer, Spencer Bowles, who is also working on the fair, his world and its ambitions are forever shattered.

Set amidst the opulent splendor of Chicago in the late Victorian Age, Benjamin Wyatt must confront the perils of accepting his own true love and risk destroying everything he worked so hard to achieve.  Meticulously researched and filled with lush images of the Gilded Age, Exposition, tells the epic story of a love that dare not speak its name…


EXCERPTS (Exclusive Excerpt):

There Benjamin stood, in the midst of the gayety of his wedding ball at the Auditorium. He looked up at the magnificent, gold-leafed arches above him, lit by more than three thousand lights which were dimmed to a surreal, majestic glow. He reminisced about the time when he watched Spencer Bowles tip toe out on the narrow catwalk, some ninety feet above the stage to adjust the lighting. It seemed like only yesterday, but was over two years ago.

“Mister Wyatt!” Louis Sullivan exclaimed as he walked up to Benjamin and shook his hand. Clearly, it pleased Sullivan to see his creation host such a spectacular event.

“Mister Sullivan!” Benjamin replied. “I was just admiring how wonderful your Auditorium looks tonight.”

“Why, thank you, Mister Wyatt, but the praise is all mine. Never before has a man had the good fortune to wed a creature of such beauty as Evelyn Van Buren! Well done, boy!” Sullivan smiled.

Ben wasn’t sure he had ever seen Sullivan this merry before. It cast his perfectionism in an entirely different light, but Benjamin was still uneasy around the man.

“Have you seen Mister Bowles?” Benjamin asked.

“The little monkey?” Sullivan laughed at himself. “Why, I thought you knew. He departed this morning for Paris. He shall be studying at your alma mater. That boy will be a fine architect some day!”

Benjamin was stung by Sullivan’s words. Spencer left Chicago! Benjamin was stunned.

“Well done, my boy!” Sullivan patted Ben’s shoulder and held onto it just a little longer while downing the glass of cognac he held. He then walked off.

The waltz grew louder as guests flooded onto the dance floor located on the main stage. Benjamin heard laughter and the clinking of glasses; chairs slid across the makeshift wood floor as guests made way to dance.

From a distance, he could saw his mother and father standing alongside Amistad and Florence Van Buren. Each had their own elated smiles on their faces, none wider than Walter Wyatt’s. With a cigar in one hand, he grandly gestured, no doubt telling his time-worn stories of the adventures of his youth.

Benjamin Wyatt looked up again at the vast, golden arches of the auditorium, transformed into a fantastical golden night sky by their delicate electric bulbs. He felt completely alone.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

 Kyle Taylor is the author of both Exposition and Billion Dollar Dreamer.  The Kyle Taylor character debuted in Billion Dollar Dreamer as a journalist who was assigned to write a story about high school history teacher cum overnight billionaire John Driskil.  Kyle has begun his next book, tentatively titled Wildflower.  He resides in New York — and of course he is a work of fiction!

Author Web Page:  Http://www.billiondollardreamer.com

FACEBOOK:  https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002247108853&fref=ts




Kyle will be awarding a $25 Amazon gift card to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour, and as a special prize, Kyle’s previous book, Billion Dollar Dreamer , will be given away free on Amazon the last day of the tour.

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  1. I do love the cover.


    • Thanks Mary – Susan Krupp was the designer for Whiskey Creek . (http://www.freelanced.com/susankrupp) I told her I wanted an opulent dreamy sort of cover — We found this lovely painting of the central plaza to the fair which was public domain– Susan thought it worked quite well. The Da Vinci overlay drawing was sensual and also architectural, because it represents the golden rule, based on the proportions of man. (Besides, what gay romance doesn’t have some sort of male torso on it? haha — We were very cheeky about covering up the private parts – going back and forth over just how big ‘An American Epic’ should be! haha!) Finally, the layout echoes the sensational cover for Devil in the White City in a very basic way. Thanks for enjoying it!

  2. Good Morning! Thank you so much for being an terrific host, Eden! I’m honored to be on your blog — especially as the last stop on a fantastic tour! Here is a line to a FREE GIVEAWAY of Billion Dollar Dreamer – my first novel. http://www.amazon.com/Billion-Dollar-Dreamer-Kyle-Taylor-ebook/dp/B004U34M9S

    Also, ask me anything – and you may find yourself with a copy of Exposition in your Christmas stocking! (For Eden’s fans only!)

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