Sneak Peek – Spring/Summer 2014 To Be Released by Eden Glenn

It has been a busy six months. I’ve settled into my mountain home in North Carolina. So many fun things in life to keep me distracted and enjoying life. Discipline prevails and I have some new releases coming your way over the next six months.  Here is a sneak peek at those Spring/Summer 2014 Releases.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on titles and these draft blurbs. One random commenter can receive a special Eden Glenn T-Shirt. Name the bar, give me a character last name. Astound me and you’ll get swag. LOL Happy Reading.


Shifter’s Legacy

Rebel Ink Press – Release TBD

Rolling in at just under 20K. Paranormal Erotic Romance (Menage)

Draft Blurb

Addison Barnes has loved Nathan since the moment she looked into the deep brown eyes of the injured grey wolf brought to her rescue facility and saw a human soul. Yet, the complications of the birth of their first child, demands of mothering and keeping her wolf rescue running leaves Addison feeling less like a sexy mate and more like a saggy mom. She’s frightened of the pervading consequences of their son Logan manifesting shape shifting abilities. She longs to regain her confidence and sexual vitality and carefree demeanor. She hires drifter Duncan Black to help with some of the more physical chores at the rescue Nathan doesn’t have time to accomplish. Duncan proves to be an attractive distraction.

Duncan’s life changed forever when he’s stranded in the quaint (er…hole in the wall) north Florida town for a part for his motorcycle. The chance meeting with Addison gives him the opportunity to earn a little cash and regroup before heading on to his next destination, somewhere else. Addison and her curvy little ass are a significant distraction to his fence building chores. With his own secret to hide, he’s not prepared to be swept into a whole different world. Covertly witnessing what seems to be a wolf turning into his boss, Duncan realizes the couple might hold the key to his own mystery.

Nathan Barnes struggles to unite his pack. Key to their future is whether his human wife can help him secure the next generation of shape shifting wolves through their offspring. Or will the shifter genetics be diluted by human ones? Duncan’s presence gives a much needed buffer from all the stress. Nathan purchases an amethyst pendant from Salynne’s Crystals and Thyme as a gift of love for his beautiful wife. Sparks ignite as Nathan demonstrates to Addison the lengths he will go to for her happiness. Uncharacteristic of his Alpha possessiveness, he wants to fulfill Addison’s fantasy of a ménage with Duncan.

After weeks of handy man chores by day and lusting after Addison by night, Duncan doesn’t want to resist the offer of a weekend threesome. Planning to leave after their weekend of carnal debauchery anyway what could it matter?

With a lot of sex and a little magic, Addison begins to believe in the advantages of her womanly power. She finds joy in the love she shares with Nathan extending to Duncan. Will a one-time weekend celebration be enough for the three of them or will they insist on the promise of something more?

Baby Logan in a fit of temper makes his first shift to wolf and unwittingly sets things into motion that will bring danger to all their lives. Now Nathan, Addison and Duncan must prepare the pack against the threat of genocide for their race. Can Addison rise to the challenge and convince the pack, her husband and her lover to accept her as their best source for protection.

Shifter’s Alliance – Story to Follow: (Draft Blurb) Death comes to the small north Florida town in the form of Etienne and Julian Reynaud, two Wolf Hunters, er werewolf hunters to their friends from Louisiana. Oddly for a place sponsoring the Chinsequet Wolf Rescue there is a remarkable lack of wolves in this town. Luckily they’ve found great hunting at the local watering hole (NAME THAT BAR). Angelica (LAST NAME NEEDED) and Saffron (LAST NAME NEEDED) are hot enough to make any man howl. 

Angelica and Saffron are foster sisters that learned their mysterious genetic heritage gave them the blessing/curse of wolf shape shifting. As they carry out the pack’s plan to side-line the wolf hunters will their distraction turn to love? They’re on a hunt for their lives.

Dragon Guardian Vol 1 of Drakins of Wyrmarach

Direct Publication to be released early May, 2014

Rolling in at potentially a 50K Novel Paranormal Erotic Romance (Menage)

Draft Blurb

Bad-boy twins, Ethan and Caleb Monroe are exiled by Drakin society because of their defective Dragon form, two heads are unacceptable. They’ve gotten used to breaking rules to help their world. Their sensory powers draw them to Cathwren Aldridge, the one woman they could both love, just in time to save her from certain death. Much to their surprise, she’s the lost descendent of Wyrmarach’s Dragon Guardian and rightful heir to the title. They have to break the oldest custom of all, risking everything on the chance to awaken ‘Wren’s’ powers and rekindle the magic of the Drakin’s world.

Wren came to the small North Florida town to enjoy a quiet life running her shop, Salynne’s Crystals and Thyme. Now Wren’s on the run from ancient enemies who want to kill her and the ‘Watchers’ who think she should be secluded in a Temple communing with the Goddess. The whole thing sounds like a bizarre SyFy movie. Yet something is happening, unleashing feelings she can’t deny, feelings that whisper she’s something more than ordinary. Her conscience wages war with emotions urging her to climb in bed with these two very sexy dragon shifters and stay there.

The trio embarks on a hunt to uncover and eliminate the threat against Wren’s birthright. Will their people accept such a deformed dragon as Kings.  Can such a closed society accept a human as Guardian and Queen?  Together they struggle to claim their shared destiny as Dragon Guardian of WyrmArach and Monarchs of the Realm.

Vol 2 – Dragon’s Mark

Vol 3 – Dragon Kings

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