“Raynia’s Magic” on Sale Through Valentines Day

In honor of it’s publication anniversary, I am able to offer “Raynia’s Magic” vol 1 of The Amethyst Desire Collection” on sale for $.99. at Amazon


Raynia Castellano is drawn to purchase an amethyst pendant as an impulse buy but not before the clerk assures Raynia the magic is in the woman, not the necklace that seems to call to her. And given Raynia has just left an adulterous ex-husband and has recently settled into a law practice with her oh so sexy and oh so apparently gay law partners, surely a little magic is required.



Peter watched Raynia move past Sally’s desk. Just the view of her Marilyn Monroe curves awakened his cock and started an inevitable hard-on. As she turned for her office, the view of her heart shaped ass finished stiffening his erection to a painful thickness trapped in his briefs. This had to end soon.


The side door of his and Chase’s connecting offices opened and his partner watched him with a grin and similar evidence in the form of a tented crotch in his trousers.


Peter tossed instructions over his shoulder as he crossed the room. “Sally, hold our calls for a while.”


“Yes, Mr. Thornton.” He closed the office door and turned to Chase.


“I can’t suffer like this much longer.” He pulled out the chair and sat down, adjusting his pants and cock to a less uncomfortable position.


Chase leaned in the opening of the door. “You’re the one who had the bright idea to let her think we’re gay.”


“You know she was a wreck after her husband left her. She needed a place to stay where she felt safe. I didn’t exactly know how to broach the conversation of Chase and I are bi-sexual and have wanted to jump your bones since we were freshmen together. Chalk it up to, our timing sucks.”


Chase pushed away from the doorframe and crossed the room to lean over Peter’s chair. He punctuated his words with forefinger jabs to Peter’s chest. “Yes, well our little butterfly is emerging and if we don’t do something soon another bee is going to be dipping into that honey.”


Peter slapped Chase’s hand away. “Didn’t anyone ever brief you on the concept of metaphors and explain–what you do with them should be grounds for incarceration.” 

Raynia’s Magic The Amethyst Desire Collection Vol 1

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5.0 out of 5 stars Whoo, baby! April 24, 2012

By shlafe
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
Hot hot hot story!!! I love that Raynia wasn’t your typical size 2 perfect boobed heroine. And I love friends to lovers stories. The writing itself was light and fun (except for that twist) and a truly enjoyable read.
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Beverly’s Secret The Amethyst Desire Collection Vol 2


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Phoenix Reborn The Amethyst Desire Collection Vol 3


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