What’s New Blog Tour

This is my contribution to the “blog tour” game going around the Internet. I was tagged by, an author friend Helen Dunn just as I was leaving for vacation. So here we are!
1.What am I working on?
I am working on a free summer read for my readers. It is titled “Dragon Betrayal”.  This story is a little bit of Kiernan’s back story. It is a M/F Erotic Paranormal Romance

I am also working on Vol 2 of “Drakins of Wyrmarach” titled “Dragon Mark”, a menage Erotic Paranormal. The continuation of the story in “Dragon Guardian”. DG is where we first met Kiernan as a secondary character.

I also have a release coming out from Rebel Ink Press titled “Emma’s New Year” a F/F short story in a contemporary setting.

2.How does my work differ from others in the same genre?
Well, I write M/M and F/F and Polyamorous / Menage erotic romance. I think I really dig into the story and the emotions between the protagonists.

3.Why do I write what I do?
Stories come to me and I write what I get ideas for. They happen to span the erotic genres of lesbian romance, M/M romance, and menage/poly and with the summer release I will have a M/F straight hetero couple erotic romance.

4. How does my writing process work?
I have a big ideas file. I work on what is most pressing at the moment under deadline or most interesting. I write draft and then go back through adding layers in the editing phase.

visit my books page here to see what I’ve got out there.  My latest adventure is bringing the books into audio format.

thanks for reading.

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