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Dr. Kate Martin needs a vacation after a failed romance with her business partner nearly ruins her. Lee Foster is recovering from her first lesbian relationship that self-destructed when her partner moved several states away, leaving her behind. Two failed romances, a double booked vacation cabin, and a blizzard—will fate intervene again and turn a passionate affair with a stranger, into something more?


E: Hello everyone my friend A.J. Adaire is visiting today to tell us more about her new release, “One Day Longer Than Forever”. Come on over and visit. It is sure to be a fun day!

First some questions, A.J.? What defines success as a writer?

A.J.: Hello Eden…first let me say that I appreciate you allowing me to revisit your blog. Thank you.

E: I love having you come visit, any time!

AJ: Ok, success can be measured in any number of ways. How well the book sells, does it make it to #1, and if it does for how long, or even does the book win any awards are all measures of success.

One way I measure success is by the letters/reviews I get from my readers. I love hearing how they’ve lost sleep staying up to read it, or planned to do something on a Saturday and lost track of time because they were reading. I love hearing how my book made them laugh or cry or touched them in some way.

If you’ve read and enjoyed a book, the nicest thing any reader can do for the author is write them a nice review telling why you enjoyed the book. Not only will the review encourage the author to keep writing, but the review will help others find a book they might enjoy. Reviews also help author’s rankings which help authors get their books noticed. It’s a happy day for sure when an author makes it to #1 in their category. I would like to thank those readers who have bought and reviewed my newest book, One Day Longer Than Forever which is currently #1 in both The UK and the US. Thank you for reading and for leaving all those 5 star reviews! I’m very grateful.

On a personal level, just surviving the process…turning a glimmer of an idea into the first draft, and eventually into a readable document, getting and responding to the edits from the first readers, complying with the suggestions from the editor, creating a final draft, reading it through one last time and submitting it to the publisher provide a sense of accomplishment and, to some degree, a feeling of success.

E: What are you working on now?

AJ: I just published One Day Longer Than Forever. I’m currently working on my next book, It’s Complicated, that deals with a moral question of commitment when one partner is injured and in a coma. It’s not as heavy as it sounds, for it is, after all, a lesbian romance.


E: That’s fantastic! Congrats on the #1 spot. The new book sounds facinating too! What is your favorite fun thing to do?

AJ: If I’m not writing, I’m reading. But if you’re talking social things, I enjoy cards and board games with friends.


E: Where have you wanted to visit or travel and never gotten to go?

AJ: Wow! Am I limited to just one place?  My partner and I have always wanted to go to Italy together. Since neither of us enjoys flying, I’ll probably never make it though.


E: Where did the idea for the current book come from?

AJ: LOL…the same place the others came from…just staring at the ceiling one day, and there it was!


E: LOL. I haven’t looked there. Maybe I should spend more time checking out the ceiling!

aj sm copyBio: If you had told me, when I was struggling to write a one page story for my high school writing composition class, that I would one day write seven novels, I would have bet everything that would never happen. No one, especially me, ever considered it a remote possibility. Thirty years later, during a blizzard, having read all the lesbian fiction books I had in the house, I declared to my surprised partner, “I think I could write one of these.” So you see, I wrote my first book just to see if I could do it.

The completed novel occupied space on my bookshelf, untouched for many years. One day while in a cleaning frenzy, I considered disposing of the neatly stacked and now age-yellowed pages. As I began to read the long forgotten work, I was surprised to discover that the story was enjoyable. Editing and retyping the first book provided a new sense of accomplishment and additional tales followed.

Now retired, I live on the east coast with my partner of thirty years. Because we love a challenge we provide a loving home for two spoiled cats instead of a dog. In addition to writing, any spare time is devoted to editing, reading, mastering new computer programs, and socializing with friends.

My published romance novels include the Friends Series: Sunset Island (September 2013), Awaiting My Assignment (November 2013) and Anything Your Heart Desires (March 2014.) The Interim, a novelette that provides additional details about the life of Sunset Island’s Ren Madison, was released in November 2013. I have four other novels in process.

Contact Information: email: aj@ajadaire.com

Website: http://www.ajadaire.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/AJAdaire

Desert Palm Press: www.desertpalmpress.com

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