Audio Books in Production

Hello there readers. I’ve been exploring the adventures in audio book  production. Two of my shorter titles are in the hopper and should be for sale soon.


J.R. Lowe narrated “Beverly’s Secret” and “Emma’s New Year”. I hope to have buy links later this week for those titles.

I’m not sure how I feel about audio books in general. Do you readers listen to them? Are Audio Books the next rage? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Emma's New Year-fixed

2 responses to “Audio Books in Production

  1. Hi Eden! I am a huge fan of audio books and i can tell you there amazing specially if you have a got narrator.there is nothing like going by train,bus or in heavy traffic and listening to a great book. So give it a try!

    • Sorry I missed this comment Riverac511. Take a listen to the sample on Amazon of the audio books I have posted and let me know what you think of the narrator I’ve found, J.R. Lowe.