Hello My Friends, Hello

I hope everyone is well and surviving this horrible Covid 19 Virus.  My heartfelt sorrow is with those impacted by it with the loss of a loved one. Loss changes lives.

Something I haven’t been able to tell many people changed our lives in a dramatic way. Two years ago, now almost three, I collapsed in cardiac arrest. Full blown not responsive, can’t get a pulse, no real blood pressure cardiac arrest. I’d had various troubles over the years that I’d passed off as panic attacks. I’d even been in the hospital in 2014 with an ‘episode’ that couldn’t be determined cause or problem. This time they had the ‘episode’ on ekg tape and of course I was “out”.

A team of medical professionals saved my life that day. If I had been out at the farm mowing I probably would not have survived the event. As it happened I was at a truck pull event at the local county fair. The manager of the pull and his wife are EMT’s. They pulled me through. (pun intended). I was shocked twice in the ambulance. While I was non-responsive I was still conscious… inside my head. I sometimes think I have PTSD from those shocks. LOL. Better lit up than dead though.

I ended up with a defibrillator and pace maker installed to ward off future episodes. I’m on some medications that suppress my adrenal production. The cardiologist said I don’t have coronary artery disease….I just have heart rhythms not consistent with life.

I’m saying all this because as traumatic as potentially dying was for me inside the ambulance…my wife didn’t know what was going on from outside the ambulance. She drove alone up to the area hospital in Asheville not knowing if she would arrive and be told that I had not survived the trip. She didn’t know anything other than I was not responsive.

There are a lot of people in that situation out there right now. Their loved ones go to the hospital. They can’t accompany them and right now they don’t know if that loved one will ever return home, or if they will get a phone call late one night that their “person” didn’t survive.

It has taken me almost three years to talk about this on this kind of public forum. My life has changed a lot. I am well. This virus is going to change our world and potentially us as individuals. I am hoping to come out the other side and discover we are ready to make a better world.

I am finally writing again. Just this past week I began the Vol 7 in the Amethyst Desire Collection. It is the story (Novella) of Eva (Austin’s sister, Vol 6 Austin’s Surprise). It takes place in New Orleans.  I did a research trip there in 2016 for notes for this story. I hope you’re going to love it. The story is like the others, erotic. It has shades of paranormal with a little bit of wolf and a little bit of Voodoo. I’m about half way through the draft so I’ll have to keep you posted.

In the meantime, do what it takes to stay safe. I’m working to reconnect with the writing community and my friends there. I haven’t managed to get back into my FB page but I am working on that. I’d love to hear from you. Reach out to me in a comment below or email me at eden.glenn07@gmail.com.

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