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Earth Day Blog Hop

Earth Day Blog hop continues at Rebel Ink Press. Visit and see what other authors are thinking about during this celebration of Earth Day.

I like shiny things and I can not lie. 

I revel in costume jewelry probably more than diamonds and rubys. I’m not exactly sure why. If I lose a $4. necklace of glass beads I am sad and miss the enjoyment I might have wearing it. But if I’d lost a $4000. diamond necklace…well somehow the stakes are different.

What on Earth does this have to do with Earth Day? LOL

Well, the Earth has many treasures that are beautiful to enjoy and have gratitude for. From the massive redwoods on the California coast, to the gigantic quarts deposits deep in the mountains of Tennessee and on to the lovely shells and sand dollars along the beaches of Florida. My oldest is in Japan. She has found a sand dollar there and somehow I feel closer to her than the other side of the world. She told me Japan is known for its coastal sea glass. Who would have thought? Somehow we treat Earth like that glass necklace instead of the diamond one.

We have only one Earth. Our home is not disposable and if we aren’t careful our decisions will take something irreplaceably precious and destroy it.

Love this song by Ann Reed, “Styrofoam” about a roach named Philip and Sue. Ann Reed is a genius folk singer songwriter. Check her out.

Lyrics   Styrofoam    words & music: Ann Reed

There was a roach named Billy & a roach named Sue
& they found the perfect home just made for two
It was styrofoam, oh styrofoam
& they moved right in – 1,2,3
& started their cockroach family

Now the kids came along there were boys & girls
& the little roaches asked if the whole world
Was always styrofoam, oh styrofoam
Momma started the tales from Grampa’s days
Said, “You’re right it wasn’t always this way.

See, they used to have things called buildings
& the humans had somethin’ called a house
& it’ll shock you all to hear this
They used to gas us to move us out.”

Now the little roaches shivered but momma just smirked
“The humans tried but it didn’t work
But they made styrofoam, oh my kind of home
Now the humans had things that they called brains
& how they worked I could never explain

See, they needed clean air for breathin’
& clean water to keep ’em alive
& if you want the truth of what happened
They all committed suicide

Now you can rest easy ’cause they’re no longer around
To try out their poisons & hunt us down
We’re safe in styrofoam, oh styrofoam
& tomorrow we’ll see if we can find
Some good ol’ plastic for a brand new slide.”

© 1991 Turtlecub Publishing

Song Length
Folk – Alternative 

Lyric Credits Ann Reed
Music Credits Ann Reed
Publisher Credits Turtlecub