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Summer Heat Flash Fiction Hop

Rebel Ink Press is hosting a Flash Fiction Blog Hop. Take a look and have a great introduction to new authors through their flash quick reads. Prizes as well! The party is tied together through the Rebel Ink Facebook page. So check it out there too.

The rules are write 250 words to this photo prompt.

So here is my entry! Please comment and tell me what you think. I tried to pick something that the others wouldn’t think of. LOL

FLASH 250:

The trouble about being lesbian is two-fold. First, you don’t know if a woman is available and second, most importantly, you don’t know if a woman wants to play in another girl’s kitchen. I scanned the crowd at the afternoon cocktail party. We were celebrating Jason Miles, a gifted photographer, and his art show, “A search for modern eroticism.”

The sea of people faded to monochrome, leaving the woman in a red dress and stillettos center stage. Her ebony hair danced across her heart shaped ass in waves as she moved across the room. A woman so naturally beautiful, the magic mirror would be telling Snow White she’d have to stand down to the new princess in the land, more fair than she.

My lady turned slightly to look over her shoulder. She had lush breasts in perfect matrimony with her curvy ass. Her bow shaped mouth parted so her tongue could tickle her bottom lip with a lick. A move so sexy my lips got jealous wanting their turn.

I lifted my chin in the unspoken “me?” of confident disbelief. She gave me a slow measured wink which clearly said “I’m wearing fuck-me red heels, what more do you need?”

I raced for that private library. Jason might have answered his search for modern eroticism on film. Mine was that doe eyed beauty with her lush little ass perched on the edge of an antique walnut desk, letting black satin and lace peek at me from between her thighs.

LOL.  Hope you enjoyed my little Flash Tease.

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Flash Fiction Promotion

Rebel Ink Press is allowing several of their authors to participate in a “Flash Fiction” piece inspired by a photograph.

Entries will post on July 12th via the individuals websites.  You’ll be able to find my entry here.  To read other Flash Fiction pieces based on the same inspiring photograph you can go through Rebel Ink Press.  It should be a fun day with an opportunity to read fun Flash Fiction work from the wonderfully talented authors at Rebel Ink Press.

Here is the inspiration photo. What do you think when you see this photo. Inspire me!!!!


Stay tuned for what I came up with to be posted on the 12th of July

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