Platform – The new buzz word

Marcela Landres was our guest speaker at this past FCRW (First Coast Romance Writers) chapter meeting.  Marcela was an editor at Simon & Schuster.  I appreciate Ms. Landres taking the time to visit our chapter meeting to teach us how editors think!

The concept that many untalented authors are published every day was not foreign to me.  I read voraciously and once in a while stumble across a wall banger that makes me shake my head in dismay and wonder, “How in the H@((! did this get published?”

Ms. Landres was very candid and open in her presentation.  She put my thoughts into words and encouraged me.  I tend to identify myself as having lots of potential.  I’m not an author whose name you might find being used in sentences with the words gifted, talented, the next romance author star of this generation. 

Ok so for me, her presentation was encouraging.  The concept that I have some modicum of control over my career and whether or not I come to the attention of an agent, publisher, fan girl club et al is a relief.  Thankfully this game is not based on talent alone!  I can be pro-active.

She described steps to creating a “Platform”.   I can actually control those steps.  I can choose to enter contests where my talent and hard work can be recognized.  I can network and meet people.  I can make efforts to implement all the steps she spoke of in her presentation to build a “platform” and establish a professional reputation and credibility.  It is so common sense.

Now, back to writing that talented masterpiece of a manuscript!

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