Novel Discussions: A Workshop for Writers

I attended Novel Discussions:  A Workshop for Writers as part of the Jacksonville Library Much Ado About Books celebration on Friday February 27th.  The day began with Anne LeClaire (NYT Best Selling Author/ Listening Below the Noise)  speaking with the group about ‘Story:  Building It’s Foundation’.  I can’t possibly give a moment by moment report of the entire day in this blog.  You just had to be there.  If I ever have the blessing of attending more of her classes or workshops I will jump on board, nuff said.   Carla Neggers (NYT Best Selling Author / Betrayals) continued as the next speaker teaching ‘Plot, Character and Pace:  The Three Essentials’.  How can anyone possibly wrap those three essentials into a twenty to thirty minute presentation?   She did a great job of nailing the basics, tight and concise.  While still sharing her witty perspective on the creative process.  I have notes highlighting absolutely golden nuggets that will help me improve areas in my writing.  

A bonus lunch time panel discussion of Writing into the Next Century was well attended.

The afternoon sessions began with a question and answer session by David Baldacci ( NYT Best Selling Author/The Whole Truth) and continued with a wrap up by Steve Berry (NYT Best Selling Author / The Charlemagne Pursuit) going over ‘Eight Rules of Writing’ which I believe we expanded to a nice round ten before the afternoon closed.  These guys packed the one two punch for the afternoon to be a total knock out.  Ok, awful pun, but what more can I say.  I was thrilled with the quality of the presentations and wealth of information I gathered that will improve my writing.   Four New York Best Selling Authors, prolific writers, facinating people and the entire thing was FREE.  The event was sponsored by the Jacksonville Library and local businesses.  

Over the next few months I’m going to share on this blog some of the insights I gained attending this workshop.  Did you get to attend this event?  What were your impressions of the day?  Let’s talk about it

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