Frozen Dinners Again?

100_2218Writing takes considerable investment of emotions and time.

I’m like a little chirping bird when I’m happy I want to tell everyone “I’m so happy” (musical notes suspended in the air).  I want to share why!  “My work in progress WIP is going to well!” (More la la la musical notes winging through the air)

That is usually followed by a massive information dump about why I am so happy and exactly why my WIP is going so well.  This conversation is usually punctuated by a lot of: ” and then…. and then they….after that, this thing happens, and I say this….. and it is so funny, sexy, exciting,. . .” (you supply the adjective).

I’m like the freaking glowing happy bug bit me and I need smacked with a fly swatter.

As a very dear friend pointed out.  I’m posting intricacies of my story, plot and characters in explicit detail on the FREAKING WORLD WIDE WEB, don’t you know.  You dumb guppie,  sharks be out thar!

(That’s why April, May and June Blog posts disappeared in a flury of post damage clean up)

We had a friend who had their plot and story stolen by a published author. No it is not an urban legend.  Know it happened.  I will go on record here and now.  If a published author has to steal plots and stories from un-pub aspiring authors, or plagerize other author’s work!  Shame Shame Shame on you.  There are a bazillion stories out there in the naked city. (cliche’ intended)  Get your juices flowing with a newspaper or something and stop being a vampire.

At the same time.  I have published friends who give tirelessly in helping the unpub and pre-pub authors grow and develop into the craft.  So take the good over the bad.

Rant finished for now.

So for now I’ll keep cherping happily and perhaps sometimes not so happily.

However, for the explicit details. . . well. . . keep reading, My books should become available through amazon at some future yet to be revealed date.  I just need an agent, an editor, a publishing contract.  OH, and I’ll need to write a kick ass query letter, synopsis! ummm should think about a really high concept tag line.  Damn got to fix all those huge holes in my plot.

And just perhaps, hummmm, a random thought flashing by here. . .

I should actually finish writing the damn book!

Awww Mom, T.V. Dinners AGAIN!

2 responses to “Frozen Dinners Again?

  1. My book is also the same distance away from Amazon as yours. 🙂 And until it is forget frozen dinners, let them eat cake.

    • Yes, cake, peanut butter, fried egg sandwiches. My children have survived my lack of domestic goddess qualities. Best preparation for life isn’t it? Love and the lesson that you eat to live not the other way around. lol. thanks for stopping by