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Sunday update

I have been running like a six legged dog. That’s a scary thought but yes describes it accurately. I’ve had to move my three classes to distance education for the finish of these last couple weeks of the semester. I needed to jump back into the real work force. These times are hard financially and I had to go to work.

I’ve become an associate with a huge international shipping conglomerate. They ship virtually anything anywhere. I don’t want to say the name. I’m one of the worker bees. I’ve spent sixty hours packing boxes with those products and labeling them to go on their way being shipped to where ever.

I haven’t worked this hard since Chris Triche and I had to do barn work over Christmas vacation at school with 400 horses and cattle. I’m like the Donut man. Make the donuts, crash get up to make the donuts again. Lordie I’m tired and places hurt that I didn’t know were places.

I hope to do well on this job so that after the Christmas Holidays I get kept on as an Associate. The schedule would calm down to 40 hours a week with Mon/ Tues and Thurs/Fri for a very manageable 40 hour week. I’ll have two classes on distance education at that point equally manageable and I can get back to more writing time again.

So I just wanted to check in to update you on the little twists life has taken lately. I’ll try to keep you all posted from time to time.

I’m happy to think about “Raynia’s Magic” coming out in the Valentine Anthology with Rebel Ink Press. I am working on another piece for them that is exciting and coming together well.

11-11-11 Weekend Dirty Dozen

Hi all. I am so excited about the prospects of the day. 11/11/11 won’t happen again for another 100 years. Other interesting dates 09/10/11, 12/12/12, 12/21/12, 10/11/12. What’s your favorite ohhh. I remember exactly what I was doing on 08/08/08 and 09/09/09, 10/10/10 was another ohhhh. LOVE IT But enough date squeee. On to business!

My Weekend Dirty Dozen. Find other Weekend Dirty Dozen authors on the blog.

This is draft from my next release “Raynia’s Magic” which will be part of the Valentine’s anthology from Rebel Ink Press “Tempting Cupid”


Raynia Castellano is drawn to purchase an amethyst pendant on an impulse buy. The clerk assures her the magic is in the woman, not the necklace that seems to call to her. She’s left an adulterous (now) x-husband and settled into law practice with her oh so sexy and oh so apparently gay law partners Chase Thompson and Peter Thornton.

Her bisexual law partners come out of the closet and surprise her, celebrating the anniversary of her joining the practice with the seduction of her life.

(Thank you Fine Art America)

Weekend Dirty Dozen

“It feels good,” slipped out on a sigh.

Her fingers slid along the purple slice of quartz, cut to reveal the flame of the gemstone and polished to a smooth cool sheen.

The bauble hung from a brass rope chain. A petite metal feather and a gemstone bead nestled next to the oval stone, caressing it like lovers, three lovers.

Raynia wasn’t sure if she and the clerk were talking about the stone at all.
“A beautiful woman such as you may find happiness being receptive to the pleasures life has to offer.”

She let his comment pass. She hadn’t thought of herself as beautiful in a very long time. A slow smile, so much like Peter’s devilish grin, framed his perfect teeth. She blinked to clear her eyes. Peter’s smile, Chase’s hair color, the memories shot a tingle of sensation straight to her core.

If the clerk only knew, her frustration at resisting the pleasures her two very sexy law partners might provide.

Fantasy Man Monday

Today’s Fantasy Man fodder search (Say that three times fast) took me searching for sexy men and their pets. On initial query I found pictures of bad dudes with scorpions. That really wasn’t the tone I was looking for today. However, I dug deeper and found these pictures that perhaps will make you say “Awww, Oooo!”

What is it about men and dogs? Guys take a note, instant conversation starter with girls. Cute dog goes along way as a character reference.

I passed a guy with his boxer dog on an outing at the farmers market, last week. The dog was a model of obedience. As a former animal trainer that spoke volumes to me about the kind of man I would find on the other end of the leash.

This guy might not have made Fantasy Man Monday on his own assets. But in this photo he is just the kind of guy you want to hug and squeeze. Isn’t he? I can see he would be fun and great to share some laughs with. Another big plus in the selection department. Fantasy Men come in all shapes and sizes. My Fantasy Man may or may not make your top ten list. My Fantasy Man tastes change in an array of qualities, not unlike a kaleidoscope. Mood, timing, thoughts and phases of the moon may alter what I find sexy and attractive. Today it was men with dogs that are self disciplined, fun and not hard at all to look at!

Sometimes, the Fantasy Man will surprise you.

Happy Monday everyone.

Fantasy Man Monday

The heart wrenching memories of 9/11/01 can not be denied. So much senseless loss. Yet like the battered 9/11 tree we continue on, scared at times, but not defeated. And new life, new beauty, new resolve to live life out loud.

Think of our Fantasy Men in Uniform.

I couldn’t resist.

Okay I would drop and give you 20 but this hunkilicious (yeah, new word, add it to your dictionary. lol) gentleman does it so much better.

Whoo Whee, I need someone to put out this fire.

What is not to love about an earthy man, in uniform…pieces of uniform… Ah, well at least a man with a big….gun.

Brings out the huntress in all of use, doesn’t it?

Joyful Monday

Life is Fragile

I don’t often write much about my family. I did a blog way back about how my son in law is my real life hero. That was during his first Marine sponsored solo vacation to the land of sand.

Now he is on his second tour. My daughter holding down the home front again. This time she was pregnant with their son, my first grandchild.

*I know hard to believe, I am much too young to be a grandmother*

She had the baby 9/3/11 after being in labor more hours than I can count. SIL got to hear the baby being born via the telephone. He is a continual strength to my daughter. The baby was born a seemingly ‘healthy’ 7lbs 12 oz at 20 1/2 inches long. He was given a massively cliche’ Italian family name.

While the medical staff were checking him out they noticed he wasn’t breathing well and discovered his lung was partially collapsed. The decision was made to transfer him to NICU in a neighboring town. His Momi gave birth at 3:14 a.m. on the 3rd and didn’t get to hold her baby until 10:39 that night at the Neonatal ICU unit.

When she called me with the news before lunchtime on the 3rd, their plan was for her to stay in the hospital an hour and a half away from her baby at the NICU. She had seen the baby. He was under oxygen. At that point her plan became “I am going where my baby is… if I have to check myself out of here AMA and walk barefooted. I don’t care who I have to talk to but I am not stopping until I talk to the person who will make me being with my baby a priority.”

My girlfriend is a nurse and immediately got on the computer collecting phone numbers for my daughter to call. She also helped my daughter understand what the medical jargon meant for what was happening with her son.

Our little miracle boy has been on and off of oxygen. His lung seems to be inflating and doing it’s job. Because he didn’t get fed in those early hours of his life he has not learned how to suck and swallow. He ended up on a tube to get the nutrition into him. Now, he is learning how to swallow.

So this week, my oldest daughter is my heroine. No one messes with a mother bear protecting her cubs. My middle daughter is my heroine too cause she was there with her sister through the whole thing taking care of her. And My girlfriend and partner is my heroine for taking care of me and helping my girls when I didn’t know how.

And of course, my SIL is still my real life hero because even though he was half way around the world, he took care of his wife’s emotions and supported her, comforted her and held her close.

Never forget how fragile life is take care to make every moment count for something.

Blogging at Coffee Time

Rebel Ink Authors for the anthology “Once Upon A Twisted Tale” will be blogging over at Coffee time romance.com on September 15th, 2011. Check it out and come on over to join in the fun. Ask me anything you want to know about “The Galloping Ghoul of Hockomock Swamp”.

Fantasy Man Monday

A beautiful Laborday Monday has arrived and we are finally getting the rain we have needed. It has been a long dry hot summer. Laborday usually signifies the end of summer. Lets take a last look at those hard working men of summer that are here in fantasy to give us so much Fantasy Man Monday happiness… to sigh and know why we enjoy romance writing so much.

Wet Men

Tattooed Men

Men with a little scruff

Sexy men of all shapes, sizes and colors

Yes, a hard working cowboy even needs a little love

Good Bye summer, bring on the fall. Lounge around in bed with the someone you love and listen to the rain. Tell the world and all the demands others have for you to go away. It is a perfect way to spend Labor Day.

Promotion Joy and Woe

You write a wonderful story, great action, sizzling sex and wow the day comes where an a. agent, b. editor, c indy publisher actually wants to buy the book and follow your baby through to publication.

You jump on the exciting merry go round of emotions. You have arrived, semi arrived. Okay at least you have gotten further along the path to your goals. It is a fantastic time in your career. You are beginning to feel like a “real” author.

The next logical step is Promotion of your ‘baby’ and it’s not a magical formula. I have attended a few writer’s workshops on promotion.

The general consensus is NO ONE really knows what will work. It can get pretty expensive throwing “mud” at the wall to see what sticks.

I came across a great blog giving reference to any number of cites that promote the lower priced e-books.

There is a lot of good information here. However, the obstacle continues to remain. HOW DO YOU GET THIS INFO in the hands of READERS???

Any ideas? I would love to hear your comments. Yeah, totally selfish. I am a contributing author to an Anthology coming out mid October. I might have told you about that.LOL.I am keenly interested in how to promote this release to readers.

Fantasy Man Monday

We have neglected a very significant hot man component in our Fantasy Man Monday Blog — The Villain.

The hot baddies are in their own right the hero’s of their story.

Who can forget this handsome bad guy from Die Hard movie fame.

Often we find many redeemable qualities in these characters.

The villain can be the ultimate bad boy, a tortured soul.

These actors might not have been cast as the villain of a movie but they are hot devils. Not all villains have to be ugly and evil. Go against the stero type — make your next villain handsome as sin

Once Upon A Twisted Tale

Here is a tease!”>20110822-101418.jpg