Fantasy Man Monday

A beautiful Laborday Monday has arrived and we are finally getting the rain we have needed. It has been a long dry hot summer. Laborday usually signifies the end of summer. Lets take a last look at those hard working men of summer that are here in fantasy to give us so much Fantasy Man Monday happiness… to sigh and know why we enjoy romance writing so much.

Wet Men

Tattooed Men

Men with a little scruff

Sexy men of all shapes, sizes and colors

Yes, a hard working cowboy even needs a little love

Good Bye summer, bring on the fall. Lounge around in bed with the someone you love and listen to the rain. Tell the world and all the demands others have for you to go away. It is a perfect way to spend Labor Day.

7 responses to “Fantasy Man Monday

  1. Where are Wet Man’s dangly bits?! Not that I’ve been studying any of these shots or anything. Purely research, you understand…

  2. Love the guy with the Tatoo! Hot! 🙂

  3. OMG…Tatoo guy is Scorching!

  4. Who is tattoo guy? Where is the picture from?

    • Hi Leslie. The guy with the tat was on a muscle man blog. He was not identified with a name and I couldn’t trace it. It’s a porn thing. LOL. I no longer post photos I don’t officially own the rights to. This one at least hid his junk behind his hand. He’s either got big hands or…. TMI. LOL

  5. if anyone is interested, the guy with the tattoo, his name is Matt Schiermeier