Promotion Joy and Woe

You write a wonderful story, great action, sizzling sex and wow the day comes where an a. agent, b. editor, c indy publisher actually wants to buy the book and follow your baby through to publication.

You jump on the exciting merry go round of emotions. You have arrived, semi arrived. Okay at least you have gotten further along the path to your goals. It is a fantastic time in your career. You are beginning to feel like a “real” author.

The next logical step is Promotion of your ‘baby’ and it’s not a magical formula. I have attended a few writer’s workshops on promotion.

The general consensus is NO ONE really knows what will work. It can get pretty expensive throwing “mud” at the wall to see what sticks.

I came across a great blog giving reference to any number of cites that promote the lower priced e-books.

There is a lot of good information here. However, the obstacle continues to remain. HOW DO YOU GET THIS INFO in the hands of READERS???

Any ideas? I would love to hear your comments. Yeah, totally selfish. I am a contributing author to an Anthology coming out mid October. I might have told you about that.LOL.I am keenly interested in how to promote this release to readers.

8 responses to “Promotion Joy and Woe

  1. Take part in interviews and guest blogs at different sites. Get your name out there. Start a facebook and twitter pages for your writing and be active on them. Tease your followers with good parts of the books. Give away just enough to hook them and have them begging for more.
    If you need any help marketing please email me at
    I am the founder/CEO of Sizzling PR. We provide public relations at an affordable rate.

    • Thanks Marissa. The world of publishing is changing every second. Writers used to be pseudo required to have literary agents. I am starting to believe this is evolving to the standard of authors having marketing/public relations agents. What do the rest of you think?

  2. I personally believe marketing agents are a good investment for authors. That isn’t because that is what I do. But I am also a published author and worked in publishing for the last few years. I know what it takes to get your book out there. Writers needs to write to keep putting out books, so having a marketing agent to help take some of that burden off their shoulders is a wonderful thing.

    • Well, that has been the debate some of us have been discussing. What really works and where is your $ best invested. With the advent of the various self publishing, growth in indy publishing etc., there seems to be a flood of books out there. Discovering how to place your book where it will even be seen by the reader is daunting.

      Thanks for your comment.

  3. I think you’ve made a critical point when you said getting the information into the hands of READERS. As writers we often know how to get info out to each other, and yes we are readers, but as a group we are overwhlmed with marketing attempts aimed at us. So how do you connect with the readers (that are not authors)? I think there is no easy answers, just hard work. Facebook, Twitter, Review blogs, GoodRead–yes there are readers there but you have to spend time with them and show them you are not only about promoting. I always say, pick what you enjoy and focus on that.

    • Yes, Charlie. I echo what you are saying 100%. I find myself sitting here wondering how to GET TO! my target audience. There seem to be so many social network avenues to pursue, but I wonder if I am just driving around in circles in cyber space without ever reaching the people I need to…. who will take a chance on reading a new e-author.

      Thanks for your comment.

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  5. Eden, I’m so pleased about your story and wish I had some ideas to help with promotion.