Sunday update

I have been running like a six legged dog. That’s a scary thought but yes describes it accurately. I’ve had to move my three classes to distance education for the finish of these last couple weeks of the semester. I needed to jump back into the real work force. These times are hard financially and I had to go to work.

I’ve become an associate with a huge international shipping conglomerate. They ship virtually anything anywhere. I don’t want to say the name. I’m one of the worker bees. I’ve spent sixty hours packing boxes with those products and labeling them to go on their way being shipped to where ever.

I haven’t worked this hard since Chris Triche and I had to do barn work over Christmas vacation at school with 400 horses and cattle. I’m like the Donut man. Make the donuts, crash get up to make the donuts again. Lordie I’m tired and places hurt that I didn’t know were places.

I hope to do well on this job so that after the Christmas Holidays I get kept on as an Associate. The schedule would calm down to 40 hours a week with Mon/ Tues and Thurs/Fri for a very manageable 40 hour week. I’ll have two classes on distance education at that point equally manageable and I can get back to more writing time again.

So I just wanted to check in to update you on the little twists life has taken lately. I’ll try to keep you all posted from time to time.

I’m happy to think about “Raynia’s Magic” coming out in the Valentine Anthology with Rebel Ink Press. I am working on another piece for them that is exciting and coming together well.

2 responses to “Sunday update

  1. December will be crazy, but you can weather it for the ease of the 40-hour week in January. Only 20 more days ’til Christmas!

  2. Good Luck…Merry Christmas…