Anne McCaffrey, The Passing of an Icon

It is with great sadness, I pass the news that Ann McCaffrey has passed on. She died Monday at age 83 as a result of a stroke. I’m crying as I write this.

Ann McCaffrey has been my all time favorite science fiction writer. I devoured her books and loved the adventures she took me on. I remember reading her Dragon singer trilogy out loud to the kids during family reading.

I admired her spunk. Her bio made me laugh and filled me with dreams. She lived in Ireland. She loved horses, just like me. She loved dragons, just like me. You could her her laughter in her words. Her books inspired me to write. Her life inspired me to be a fun self determined woman.

2011 announced that the Dragon Riders of Pern series would be made into a movie with David Hayter of Xmen fame writing the screen play and Don Murphy of Transformers as executive producer. David’s wife is a big fan and the pressure is on to make the movie amazing.

I bought a first edition of one of her stories in big book format “A Diversity of Dragons”. The whole thing is illustrated by the amazing artist “John Howe“. I wrote to Anne McCaffrey and requested a signed book plate for the book as gift for my daughter. Yes, I wrote her fan mail but tried not to gush too much. She graciously sent me an autographed book plate.

On her website, Her son extends her regrets in April, 2011 for not being able to make it to Dragon Con this year. He tells fans that she said “Sorry that old age came up and bit me on the a**.”

I’m sorry too Anne, I really am.

3 responses to “Anne McCaffrey, The Passing of an Icon

  1. She was and forever will be one of my favorite authors. The world lost a great woman monday. She will be missed by all who read science fiction. But the Angel’s have her and may they enjoy her spirit and imagianation. Your Readders Love you Anne McCaffery.