Fantasy Man Monday

I am forever warped by my childhood.

I grew up with Saturday morning cartoons and in particular Tarzan movies. The real Tarzan. He is just as illusive as the real Santa Clause. Although I saw the real Santa last Friday night at Rock city. We went to see their Christmas light festival. I was thinking “He looks like the real Santa.” Santa looked over at me an winked. So, He is the real Santa

Anyway, back on track. Warped childhood, Tarzan. Yeah. The real Tarzan. No other imitations need apply.

He was a jungle man of few words. “Me Tarzan, you Jane” “Yes Tarzan”

Man in a loin cloth who can find food, save you from crocs, and doesn’t talk much.

2 responses to “Fantasy Man Monday

  1. I liked the original Tarzan. He was a true Alpha, devoid of the complexities and shallowness no longer available with the advent of color film and computer generated special effects.

    • Yes, And film making in the black and white era made a different statement. The use of shadows and light to build drama in those old Tarzan movies was an art form in and of itself. Thanks for visiting.