Weekend Dirty Dozen

Two highlights this week. One of my gal pal’s, writing buddy from Florida just signed with a fantastic agent. I am so happy for her. I now have two friends signed with this “dream” agent that I have twitter stalked for a long time.

Also, went to midnight release of Breaking Dawn Part 1. It was pretty amazing. I pause, I muse, Humm I need some pretty amazing lines today for my weekend dirty dozen.

This week I am picking 12 more lines from my WIP that will be part of the “Tempting Cupid” anthology. Follow all the authors participating in the Weekend Dirty Dozen by following the link to the main website. There are some great free reads out there.

Raynia’s Magic

Raynia Castellano is drawn to purchase an amethyst pendant on an impulse buy. The clerk assures her the magic is in the woman, not the necklace that seems to call to her. She’s left an adulterous x-husband and settled into law practice with her oh so sexy and oh so apparently gay law partners Chase Thompson and Peter Thornton.

Her “bisexual” law partners come out of the closet and surprise her, celebrating the anniversary of her joining the practice with the seduction of her life. She runs from the intensity of her sensuous side and the fear of ruining their long friendship and business partnership.

She is preparing for the trial of her career with very little evidence for the defense. Something isn’t right about the scene of the accident. Her client’s brother makes an attempt on her life, to cover up her discovery that he was the drunk driver who committed the hit and run, not his brother.

The set up is: Raynia just returned from her lunch and the purchase of an interesting amethyst quartz necklace. Chase came into Peter’s office where they both watched her walk through the reception area. Their close proximity to her on a daily has them both hard and hungry for a deeper relationship. We are in Peter’s POV but this snippet is banter between them. Pulling it out of context is a fun challenge.

Chase starts off the conversation:

“You’re the one who had the bright idea to let her think we’re gay.”

“You know she was a wreck after her husband left her. She needed a place to stay where she felt safe. I didn’t exactly know how to broach the conversation of Chase and I are bi-sexual and have wanted to jump your bones since we were freshmen together. Chalk it up to, our timing sucks.”

Chase pushed away from the doorframe and crossed the room to lean over Peter’s chair. He punctuated his words with forefinger jabs. “Yes, well our little butterfly is emerging and if we don’t do something soon another bee is going to be dipping into that honey.”

Peter slapped Chase’s hand away. “Didn’t anyone ever brief you on the concept of metaphors and explain–what you do with them should be grounds for incarceration.”

Chase, shot his partner a quick, fuck-you gesture and grinned. “I manage to communicate.”

5 responses to “Weekend Dirty Dozen

  1. WOW Eden! What a great excerpt…love the reference to bee and honey dipping- kudos and applauding your writing

    • LOL Thank you for your kind words Dawne. I love Chase and Peter’s relationship and their fun sense of humor.

  2. You can find me on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/EdenGlenn and I am on twitter as @edenglenn. I look forward to tweeting with you!

  3. Sounds Awesome Eden and congrats to your friend!

    I love MMF’s

    • Thanks. It is a short novellette in anthology form so i didnt have room to explore the physical side of Peter and Chases relationship. It was more about how Raynia impacted their intimacy. So it presented as a fun M/F/M with a taste of suspense and a dash of paranormal. Quite a nice flavor all and all. Im excited to see what my editor will say