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Author Spotlight – Kellie Kamryn – Guilty As Sin

My Guest today is Award-winning author Kellie Kamryn. She is a retired elite gymnast and competitive coach. These days she is captain of her crew of four wearing many a hat: chauffeur, cook, maid, and arm chair psychologist, although her favorite title, and the one she answers to most, is “Mom”. Even with her busy life, she creates time for Baguazhang training at least twice a week, a challenging martial art form. While her friends would describe her as sweet, her readers know she’s got a sassy side, and most days she can be found channeling her sass into writing stories and poetry that sweep readers away into other worlds. When her muse requires a break, she channels her creative energy into bringing many a tale to life through her work as a narrator.

Winner of the RONE (Reward of Novel Excellence) Award for Best Erotica 2012, Kellie is also a workshop presenter, and motivational speaker, having presented at the Moonlight and Magnolias GRWA Conference in 2011. One of her latest books, Sugar Daddy Wanted: Now Accepting Applications, has been nominated for Best Novella in the RONE Awards for 2013.

Readers are welcome to join her on Facebook in her Sweet & Sassy Divas and Dudes group! It’s the first place she mentions contests, articles and much, much more! Come join in the fun!

For upcoming releases, contests and more, visit with Kellie at: http://www.kelliekamryn.com


Guilty_as_Sin_Sin_City_Series_1_500_800Blurb:  A UFC fighter caught up in the world of organized crime risks his one chance at freedom to save the woman he loves.

As a UFC fighter, Sinclair Reed aka Sinister 3, always had a plan. Getting tangled up with the mob, or falling in love with a woman he can’t forget, never factored into it.

After a brief affair, bestselling author, Cherie Bouchard, thought she’d seen the last of UFC light middleweight champ “Sinister 3” when they parted ways at the airport. Determined to discover if her feelings are real for Sinclair, or the result of her hopeless romantic imagination, she purchases tickets to his fight when the UFC comes to town.

As the lovers re-unite, they discover someone wants him dead, and Sinclair has twenty-four hours to choose between Cherie and freedom. For a smart guy like him, it should be a no-brainer. When it comes to the woman he loves, he’s as guilty as sin.



Award-winning Author of Erotic Romance & Audio Book Narrator:


Unspoken communication passed between them—desire, longing, raw sensuality. She gestured between them. “So, that’s all this is between us? Lust?”

“Is that what you came to ask me?”

Swallowing hard, her head bobbed an affirmative. “I suppose.”

Sinclair cast his gaze downward, before locking it onto her. “No. Yes.” He sighed in exasperation. “Truth is…I haven’t stopped thinking about you since I said good-bye.” The admission lightened a burden he hadn’t been aware he’d carried.

Her breath caught, and she pressed a hand to her heart. “Really?”

“Yeah, really.” Truth sets you free.

“Jesus H… I thought it was just me.” Pacing in a small circle, she gestured in a wild fashion. “I tried so hard to put you behind me, to tell myself it was only a good time… But I just couldn’t—”

He interrupted. “Get me out of your head?”

Sheepish, she nodded.

“Yeah,” he admitted. “That’s how I felt, but about you.” Sinclair waved his arm in a helpless gesture. “I didn’t want to hurt you. You’re an amazing woman. But with my training schedule, and the distance—I didn’t want to commit to something—”

“Stop.” Cherie raised both hands in front of her. “Don’t. I thought maybe if I saw you again, I’d see you for who you are and be able to get you out of my system once and for all. Turns out—not so much.”

“This’ll make me sound like more of a jerk, but just because I’ve thought of you often, doesn’t mean I’ve been celibate since we parted.”

A light laugh accompanied her shrug. “I didn’t expect you to be. We had no commitment. I’ve been on a date or two as well.”

Unexpected jealousy reared its ugly head. Sinclair bristled, a low growl sounding in his throat at the thought of her with another man, his hands on her, fucking her.

Curiosity etched her brow. “Let’s agree not to talk about our sex lives,” she suggested.

Sinclair gave a curt nod. “Agreed.” He shifted in his seat, legs splayed.

Her eyes were drawn to his crotch. Moistening her lips again, she quickly averted her gaze.

“Cherie,” he said, voice low when he spoke. “It’s not that I don’t want to talk to you. I just can’t think of anything coherent to say. Not when I want you the way I do.”

“You’ve already warned me. Understood.”

For a moment, he wondered if she’d walk away. He half hoped she would, simplifying their lives.

With deliberate slowness, she untied the knot at her waist, letting the sweater fall open and hang from her shoulders to reveal the silky fabric of her tank top for a moment before letting it fall to the floor. Cherie shimmied her shoulders, the thin straps of her top, sliding down her arms.

Sinclair sucked in a breath as the top snagged on her beaded nipples for a second, the built-in bra dissolving as the shirt slid down her torso. “You don’t have to do this.”

“Oh, believe me, I want to.” Cherie wriggled her hips, and in a dull swish of clothing, jeans, shirt and panties pooled on the floor at her feet.

His erection grew as his eyes roamed over her body from head to toe. Nude, she posed in front of him, one hand on jutted hip. He watched her breasts rise and fall with each panting breath. She lifted her chin, and he took the hint, unzipping his jeans, and sliding the material down over his hips, lifting his ass to remove them altogether. He lowered himself into the seat a little more, cock straining against his boxer briefs.

She tilted her head in a coy gesture. “It’s not a fair fight.”

With a chuckle, he stripped off his underwear, allowing his cock to spring to attention. The scent of her arousal wafted over to him, assaulting his senses. He extracted a condom from the wallet in the back pocket of his jeans, and rolled it down his dick.

Swaying her hips, she sauntered toward him, and reached for his T-shirt. He lifted his arms for her to take it off.

His arms circled her waist. “Come here, baby.”

An ear-to-ear grin on her face, Cherie climbed onto his lap, one knee on either side of his thighs, hands resting on his shoulders.

Sinclair gripped her hips, guiding her pussy until she was poised over his cock which strained to get inside her. He searched her eyes for any sign of hesitation. “You sure?” he asked.

“Absolutely.” She lowered her hips until the plump head of his cock probed her slick entrance. Her hot, wet pussy melted around his hard shaft as he slid home. Her head tipped back, eyes rolled up to the ceiling.

“Fuck, baby.” Sinclair panted, pressing a kiss to her collarbone, his tongue licking a path along the ridge and up the column of her throat. He resisted the urge to flip her to her back and fuck her like an animal in heat. “I’ve missed you.”

The tears shining in her eyes tugged at his heart. “I’ve missed you, too, Sin,” she whispered, using the nickname she’d given him as a play on his fighting name, “Sinister Three”.

“Ride me, Sweetheart. Now.”


Cover Reveal – “Shifter’s Legacy”

Today is a wonderful day for a cover reveal. “Shifter’s Legacy” due out May 3rd, 2014 epublication via Amazon, B&N, All Romance Ebooks and Coffee Time Romance. Published by Rebel Ink Press.

“The Amethyst Desire Collection Vol 4″

Novella M/F/M Menage’ Erotic Paranormal Romance

Shifter's Legacy-small 200x300The complications of the birth of their first child, demands of mothering and keeping her wolf rescue running leaves Addison feeling less like a sexy mate and more like a saggy mom.

Duncan’s stranded in the quaint (er…hole in the wall) north Florida town waiting on a part to repair his motorcycle. Addison and her curvy little ass are a significant interruption to his fence building chores.

Nathan, her husband, purchases an amethyst pendant from Salynne’s Crystals and Thyme and whether magic or chemistry, Sparks ignite between the three of them.

Hearts On Fire Blog Hop

This week I am participating in the Hearts on Fire Valentine Hop. Each author is giving away a paperback or e-pub of one of their books to random commenters. It is a huge event so take some time browsing through the participating author’s websites. To be in my drawing, comment here with which three authors names you browsed and think you would enjoy.
Trot on over to Close Encounters of the Night Kind and check out the Valentines Blog Hop for Hearts on Fire.
Gorgeous heart pendant with a 20 carat lab ruby and 14k gold chain PLUS signed paperbacks or epubs, from each author  – entire series by Victoria and Kym.
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For the love of Valentine’s Day!!  Join us in the celebration of this great event!!

Here are all the blogs on the hop.

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In From the Cold Cover Reveal Blog Tour Good morning Eden Glenn and readers! Thanks for allowing me to share on your blog today. Pulp Friction 2014 is kicking off and I’ve got a gorgeous new cover to share and … Continue reading

Bob Mayer Workshop hosted by Heart of Carolina Romance Writers of America Chapter Raleigh, NC

I had a great experience this weekend of attending a workshop hosted by the Romance Writers of America (RWA) Chapter in Raleigh, NC named Heart of Carolina Romance Writers. RWA and its affiliate chapters around the country offer the most excellent professional association for writers out there. Including extensive professional development opportunities to learn the craft and magic of writing.

I attend these things to learn, to be reminded of what I’ve learned and to network with new friends. I was thrilled to meet three of my fellow Rebel Ink Press Authors: Donna Steele, and Nancy LaPonzina and some other aspiring and successful authors in the group. (waves frantically Hi-ya guys)

The workshop organized by the group was by Bob Mayer. He is a West Point Graduate, former Green Beret and Best Selling New York Times Author. Owner of Cool Gus Publishing. Author of … I don’t know…. six frickin’ pages on Amazon of NYT best sellers.

It was a treat to say the least. I had been trying to get a chance to attend a workshop and meet Bob Mayer as my writing friends had been raving over his presentations for well, longer than I care to admit, as the years roll by. My old home group First Coast Romance Writers (FCRW) finally hosted his workshop last year but timing was off for me and I couldn’t attend from Chattanooga, TN.

Anyway if you have the opportunity, don’t wait. Go Go Go. Don’t make me drag you.

The morning was a much needed review of his principles in The Novel Writer’s Took Kit, From Idea to Best Seller.

Number one topic was Goal Motivation and Conflict. A similar song to Debra Dixon’s G,M,C. Okay sometimes a door is just a door. But I need to chant the Goal, Motivation, Conflict mantra in my sleep. Don’t laugh, you do too, I’m sure.

Then we spent time talking about what we can learn from screen plays, TV and Movies that will help us grasp the big picture view of the stories we write and take them to the next level. I was reminded of Alexandra Sokoloff’s Screen Writing Tricks for Authors. Yeah I ran into that door again, Screen Writing Tricks with Alexandra…another workshop hosted by FCRW. And another great reminder of constructing a story your readers won’t be able to put down. I’d been deconstructing several shows and movies lately for the same reason. To emulate great story showing.

An afternoon of marketing discussion reconfirmed what we all know… What the hell do we know? Just write another good story. That’s the best way to market your other stories. And perhaps doing so will help you stand on a figurative hill and hope to be struck by lightening.

Speaking of which. I’m off to write #AMWRITING

Check out my books on the book tab of this website or any of the cover hot links in the side bar. Happy Reading.

Birthday Bash Welcomes Melissa Keir

It’s my birthday week and I’m celebrating with fellow Rebel Ink Press Authors. Today my guest is Melissa Keir.

Melissa Keir Bio:

As a writer, Melissa likes to keep current on topics of interest in the world of writing. She’s a member of the Romance Writers of America, Mid-Michigan RWA, and EPIC. Melissa is always interested in improving her writing and believes in helping other authors. Author spotlights, book features and interviews are a few of the ways she showcases other authors on her blog.

Melissa doesn’t believe in down time. She’s always keeping busy. Melissa is a wife and mother, an elementary school teacher, a book reviewer, co-owner of a publishing company as well as an author. Her home blends two families and is a lot like the Brady Bunch, without Alice- a large grocery bill, tons of dirty dishes and a mound of laundry. She loves to write stories that feature “happy endings” and is often found plotting her next story.

author pic

Welcome! Melissa how do you enjoy celebrating those special personal events?

My favorite way to celebrate a happy personal event is to go away for a weekend with my hubby. I love spending time with him alone when I can get away. 🙂
Oh Yes, Melissa! Sounds like fun! I think my favorite thing to do is get away with that special someone.
What did you bring to share with us today?
The book I’d love to share is Protecting His Wolfe.
PHW_Coverfinal med

Protecting His Wolfe

Betsie Wolfe was a small town girl who left her cozy little life for a job in the big city. She never expected to become a witness to a murder or face vicious threats. Detective Jonah Pigg was immediately attracted to Betsie’s lavender eyes and small frame huddled in the gray wool blanket when he arrived on the scene of the murder. 

When threats on Betsie’s life surface, Jonah takes her into his home under the protection of the three Pigg’s who own the Pigg Agency. It will take all of his detective work to keep her safe. Passion has a way of igniting when people are in stressful situations and lust leads Betsie and Jonah into each other’s arms. But is their relationship only a matter of desire or is it something more?


Finally fed up with the tension, she left her desk, shut down the lights in the office, and locked the door. With her small clutch purse in one hand, she started the lonely walk to her apartment, six blocks over from the employee parking garage. Someday, I’ll have enough money for a car of my own. She thought with envy. Maybe something in a green color but with good gas mileage.

So focused on the noises around her, Betsie tripped over a patch of broken concrete and went sprawling on the floor, her purse hit the concrete and one lipstick tube rolled across the garage floor. Crawling on her hands and knees, Betsie yelled at herself in her head for her accident. Oh no. Isn’t that my luck! Everything has gone wrong today! Where is my purse? What fell out?

Suddenly a car appeared around the back of the garage and screeches to a halt. The sounds of yelling and gunfire erupted in the silence of the parking garage. Diving flat on the ground, Betsie begins to say all the prayers she remembered from the past twenty-three years of Catholic Mass. As a body crashed to the ground, the black sports car with the silver trim drove away.

Betsie hid on the ground near the edge of a large blue sedan, praying no one could hear her. The silence after such a deafening noise grated on Betsie’s nerves. Without thought for herself, she rushed over to the body to see if they needed help.

“Oh, my, gosh, it’s Johnny from the warehouse. Johnny, Johnny, are you okay?” She placed her hands on his chest to see if he was still breathing, only to pull away abruptly when she felt the wetness of his shirt.

Looking down at her hands, “Oh no. Blood! Johnny!” But his death was as evident as the large hole in the front of his shirt gushing blood on the pavement.

“I can’t be caught here.” Betsie realized with the dead body beside her that the garage wasn’t a safe place.

After a long argument with her conscience over what was right and what might happen, Betsie found her purse with the office keys inside and went back into the office to call the police.

Only $2.99- Short Novella

Buy Links:

All Romance Ebooks



This is what readers are saying about Melissa’s books:

Amazon 5 star review for Second Time’s the Charm- “Such a sweet and heart warming story. As I read it, and the details unfolded, I was engrossed to see if that I thought was going to happen, would really happen.” – Lacey Wolfe, Romance Author.

Barnes and Nobel 5 star review for Protecting His Wolfe– “Great read. I couldn’t put it down. I really liked the characters, especially Betsie and the Pigg brothers. A love story with suspense and surprise.” – Anonymous

Melissa loves hearing from readers!



http://www.facebook.com/AuthorMelissaKeir (fan page)



Birthday Bash week welcomes Joanne C Berroa

This week is my birthday and I am celebrating by having some of my fellow Rebel Ink Press authors come on over for the Birthday Bash party in honor of another spectacular year.

Today I welcome Joanne C. Berroa as my guest.

without IHOP

Joanne What is your favorite way to celebrate a happy personal event?

There must be tears. Always a happy cry or two, then lots of food. I like to celebrate by going out to a favorite restaurant and indulging on dessert afterward. Dessert is something I usually limit, so on special events I let go and order the most decadent chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream I can find! Death by chocolate, LOL. But aside from all else, I have to have my family with me. A special celebration wouldn’t be a celebration at all if my family didn’t share it. Let me finish by wishing you, Eden, a very happy birthday filled with family and friends and another year of good health and good fortune.

Thank you Joanne! I feel blessed at this juncture in my life. I hope for many more happy years with my partner and family, my human kids as well as furry ones. I’m getting used to being an emptynest mom with all the kids scattered around the world. And of course many more years writing sizzling hot stories that Rebel Ink Press presents to the world.

Learn more about Joanne and her most recent work.


I’ve been writing all my life. Back in 1983, Dell published my novel, “The Barbary Coasters.”  It was set during the 1860’s in the Barbary Coast of San Francisco and was part of a series of books written by different authors called, “The Making of America.” My pseudonym was Lee Davis Willoughby.

   I’ve written articles for several computer magazines over the last thirty years doing software and hardware reviews and ads.  I was also a photographer for cover art for two magazines back in the 80’s, and currently write profiles for businesses and professionals for Micromedia Publications, a local newspaper publisher.

   Rebel Ink Press has released four of my historical romances thus far: My Life, My Heart – a time travel–reincarnation novel, On Angels’ Wings – a love triangle novel set during the turbulent years of World War II, Love’s Sweet Vengeance – love and danger set in the old west in 1866, and The Diamond Cross (coming Nov. 17, 2013)– a sweeping romance saga taking place in the late 19th century in Hungary, New York and Saratoga Springs. Also in the works are two shorter “novellas” to be released in early 2014. All current novels are available in both eBook and print formats from Amazon.com.

   In my “spare” time I also teach piano and organ. 

LSV_Cover final

BLURB for Love’s Sweet Vengeance:

 When you pair a beautiful, smart, and independent lady sheriff in New Mexico Territory  with a virile bounty hunter, you get sizzling chemistry, even though they’re at odds with each other and their objectives. Garrett Wade and Amanda Larson form a truce to track down Clem Jones, a notorious outlaw who’s responsible for Garrett’s wife’s brutal murder. Amanda, a lawman first and foremost, wants to bring Jones in for a fair trial, while Garrett wants only revenge—his style. Their quest leads them into mortal danger while a powerful lust brings them together in ways neither bargained for. If only they can survive the treacherous Superstition Mountains and hostile Apaches while exacting justice on Clem Jones, they might have a chance to nurture their lust into an abiding love.

Purchase link:  http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=Joanne%20C.%20Berroa



My Web Site:  www.joannecberroa.wordpress.com

My BLOG: www.joannecberroa.blogspot.com


Ten Steps to Building an Extra Large Doggie Door for the Disreputable Dog Who Should Be In Japan

Yes, true love is building a doggie door together. You see…I have this dog who should be in Japan. But that is a whole nuther story. Suffice it to say I have this dog for two more years until his shared custody parents return from their Marine Corp assignment in Japan. This isn’t an ordinary dog, oh no. His is a disreputable dog of well into 87 pounds of brawny rough and tough, snoring… farting dog. He moans, he snores. he farts, scratches and rattles his tags, awake or in his sleep… at the foot of my bed. Did I mention he licks? Slurp Slurp Slurp, Lick, Lick, Lick, and mixtures of the disgusting noise.

Moving to the mountain house in NC we have a lovely chain link fenced back yard. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the disreputable dog could take himself out as he pleases? (said Dog below at the local doggie park)


The Lady Librarian and I set out on the adventure of building the Black Mammoth, i.e. Disreputable Dog,  his own access to the back yard.

Step One Find power tools that drill and cut and screw. Not so easy to do when your garage is as yet unpacked and looks like the set of “Tool Man” blew up in there.

Step Two Decide which door you don’t mind having a huge hole in. We had only one choice. The back door from the mud room to the back yard.

Step Three. Purchase doggie door kit.


Step Four Take the door off it’s hinges and place it somewhere you can drill and cut. They give you a wonderful guide to mark out the perimeters of the whole you will have to cut in your door.



Step Five Cut out guide and trace it onto the door. Once this is drawn onto your door you will have to drill a hole in each corner, inside of your guideline, Step Six.


This hole will serve as an access point for your jig saw blade to cut along the line you have drawn and make that Xtra large hole in the bottom of your door. And cut you must. There is no avoiding it.


If you dog is going to exit your home without assistance there must be a hole. The lines don’t have to be cut perfectly perfectly straight but cut you must. Step Seven, Yes Cut the hole.


There aren’t many people that would do this for a dog that is only going to be with them for a couple years until he returns to his first family once they’re back in country and smile about it. I think she loves the little (er whoppin huge) beastie as much as I do.


Step Eight. There is a kit to frame the doggie door in the box. You have to drill holes through the wood where these  anchors will go. Then insert the plastic anchors through the frame front through the wooden door and through the frame back and tighten the little plastic nuts on them to hold the whole thing together. These strip easily with power tool interaction and you have to hold the little nuts with pliers so the plastic bolt can engage.
Step Nine put the door back on the hinges. A pin drops through the connecting hinge joints,


 both top and bottom.


Step Ten. Leash the dog and with one person outside and one person inside bring him back and forth through the plastic flap barrier as you call him. Give him a treat for successful entry and exit.


Enjoy the freedom of the Disreputable Dog being able to take himself out when nature … or sunshine calls.


Step Eleven Side Benefits.

Now a couple things have occurred that we wern’t expecting. The cat uses the doggie door more than the doggie does. She has enjoyed taking a walk on the wild side in the back yard.


And we aren’t totally sure she doesn’t bring company home with her on occasion when we are away. I mean she is spayed but…we think she is secretly a party animal.


National Read A Romance Novel Month


“Trashy Romance Novels” You’ve heard it a thousand times. My connotations of the genre was negative. There was a period of time when all my mother did was watch soap operas and cry. Another phase when all she did was read short bubble gum romance books. She was the Queen of harlequin The-Billionaire-Sheik’s-My-Baby-Daddy-Of-Love.  At least she didn’t cry. So it’s not surprising that I didn’t pick up a romance novel until I was fighting cancer and looking for my own escape.

Here’s what I found.

Against all odds there was always a happy ending.

Heroines were kick ass empowered women.

Men were MEN. None of this pandered down emasculated male sitch-com version of men.

There were wonderful plots and stories.

I found Characters that I could relate to and care about.

Fantastic vivid worlds that I wanted to be real so I could go there and visit.

There were a wide variety of sub-genre’s. Western, Mystery, Suspense, Paranormal, Fantasy, Sci Fi.

I’d loved all these genre’s in the past and often wished they’d had more couple interaction. Zane Grey, Ann McCaffrey, Dick Frances were some of my favorite authors. They had a blend of romance in their stories.

Who ever said “You can’t have your cake and eat it to” was wrong. I mean seriously who wants cake if you can’t eat it?

Even in the middle of a recession readers find the $5 bucks to purchase a romance novel. Or they dive into the pool of free Ebooks available. They want escape and they want a happy ending. They want hope. “The Recession and It’s Effect On The Romance Genre” a research paper byJ DiVisconte – ‎2009 lends an insightful perspective on this.

Romance book sales in 2013 thus far are in the range of $1,350 BILLION DOLLARS.

So, go get a cup of Chai Tea, curl up in your favorite chair and READ!

Perhaps you’d like to check out a short novella by Eden Glenn. LOL I highly recommend it.

Dragon’s Unbound Promo

Dragon’s Unbound is an erotic M/M paranormal romance featuring dragon shape shifters. Rhys and Haydn made their first appearance toward then end of Dar’kind Promises a erotic F/F paranormal romance. Pieces of their story came together before I wrote Dar’kind Promises. I felt the need to go back and tell their story. So I took the pieces I had and went to work with a few more ‘what ifs’ to get the answers I needed to bring their story out. There are places to laugh, perhaps a tear or two and hopefully in the end the reminder that unconditional love exists and their is healing if you let go and work for it.

Today I share their cover and an excerpt.  Enjoy

DragonsUnbound_Cover (1) (135x200)


Dragon’s Unbound

written by Eden Glenn

Cover Carl Franklin

Publisher Rebel Ink Press


Find it at Amazon hot link HERE  $2.99

Chapter One


Haydn concentrated on the steps to make the poultice for the healer. Prepare the white bread by tearing it into small pieces then warm the milk to douse the chunks and create a pasty mixture to treat the wounded dragon. At least he could do this job for the healer.

Isobeau rescued Haydn from hell and he would do anything she asked of him, even if it was only tearing countless loaves of bread into little pieces. His dragon symbiont had not emerged at puberty like his peers. Deemed a recessive, he was cast off and given to the Telihedran as a pleasure slave. Their draconic natures were ruthless. They’d used Haydn without compassion yet he survived the horror.

Helping others consumed his weeks with her. First, the rescue of the Dar’kind Fairy Maura and her tracker mate, Zelia, and now a very large indigo dragon shifter fighting for life in the ballroom of the old Victorian home. The healer helped all beings, not turning anyone away. For that alone she gained his loyalty without reservation. A loyalty events forced him to contemplate transferring to the new Dragon Guardian.

The Healer sent him on this task probably knowing he would be more comfortable in the confines of the kitchen. He hadn’t had the time to tell her what had happened. All the activity of the others preparing for the healing took up her time. That and the secret he hid gave him the sharp edge of panic, making it hard to breath. He kept the kitchen lights dim and focused on his chore, searching for calm balance.

He wiped his forehead with the back of his arm. He wasn’t sure what had turned his thoughts to remembering the past. The secrets he tried so hard to bury were surfacing, threatening to wreck everything. Isobeau kept his experiences before coming to the watchers in confidence. Perhaps the memories surfaced because the events of the afternoon left him with yet another secret to guard. He pulled his sleeve back down to hide the mark over his wrist.

Cathwren, the Guardian, was a human and not even reared among dragon kind. He found it hard to believe the small woman with the flaming hair stood as Dragon Guardian for this generation of their entire race. Her heritage would make her open-minded. Maybe there was a chance for others like himself. The fulfillment of prophecy transpired right before his very eyes.

Recently, his sexual desire had awakened. Now lust coursed through him leaving him achy and heavy, demanding relief. The few times he’d pleasured himself only made his need more poignant. He longed for a committed relationship, someone to be his, to love and take care of, a safe harbor. His longing had no outlet. Well, not one he would allow. Rhys deserved so much more than Haydn could offer. His interest in the man was yet another secret to hide.

The kitchen door burst open. Haydn jumped, instinctively grasping a knife for defense. Rhys stood in the doorway. The very man his wayward thoughts always drifted toward with imagined possibility of meaningful intimacy with crouched in the doorway, his hands spread in a calming gesture.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.” There’s no danger. I pushed too hard.” He turned to examine the door. “I keep meaning to plane this where the wood swells and catches.”

Often Rhys didn’t know his own strength. He was the one Watcher who didn’t give Haydn pity, only calm compassion, acceptance, and friendship. Haydn allowed the man’s projected psy energy to wash through him, restoring his calm. He put the knife down and crossed the room, moving carefully. “The healer needs this glop quickly. It’s time.”

“I have the bread cut and the milk is almost hot enough.”

Rhys moved in so close the sandalwood scent of the soap he used flooded Haydn’s senses. The man’s hair glinted black in the low light of the evening kitchen. Haydn could see the soft wisps at the V-neck of Rhys button-down shirt. Did the hair trail down the Watcher’s chest in a light dusting or did it cover him like a furry pelt? Haydn shivered. Great Goddess, help me control my thoughts.

“That’s not necessary.” Rhys lips formed one of his infrequent smiles. A smile transformed his guarded features into the handsome masculine Adonis.

“What?” Haydn struggled to think, what wasn’t necessary. He had the bread. The milk was almost ready.

“The Goddess needn’t control your thoughts, you have that power. You’re free to think and do what pleases you now. You’re welcome to wonder what my chest looks like. I’m not offended.”

Haydn’s body trembled as conflicting emotions assailed him. How could this man perceive his thoughts so easily? It was a talent usually reserved for mated couples. The feelers of inviting warmth from Rhys tickled at his awareness.

The man’s eyes were concerned. “I won’t force you. I just wanted you to know I’m here. I could be that someone for you.”

Fighting to shield his thoughts, Haydn hurried to the stove to get the warm milk, visions of their bodies entwined together making love to each other, beautiful and sharing, until they were both spent and exhausted, clouding his mind. Ugly, painful thoughts from his past intruded. He was worthless and shamed. Dear Goddess, no. He fought to breathe and push the thoughts back behind the doors of his mind. This was dangerous. Rhys could perceive his thoughts so easily.

“No. I… No.” He rejected Rhys’ offer and grabbed the pan, bringing it to pour over the bread. With all the traps in his psyche, he couldn’t bring himself to engage in meaningless, gratification-based relationships and quick, casual, nameless, sex.

Their race had never established sexual boundaries. They accepted physical desires as any other need; to eat, to scratch an itch. Sexual acts between either gender were widely practiced and weren’t limited to the constraints of human morals. However, permanent, same gender parings were unacceptable and considered an abomination.

What would it be like to have sex with tenderness? Hadyn didn’t want anonymous sex. He wanted a partner to build a healthy life with. He wanted someone who would accept him in spite of the damage to his soul. How could he say I don’t need someone, I need you? Yet, he’d just turned down the only man who didn’t treat him like a leper.

Out of the corner of his vision, he saw Rhys smile.

Rhys reached for the bowl of bread at the same time Haydn poured the hot milk over the bread cubes. Scalded milk sloshed across Rhys’ hand, searing the skin to an immediate parboiled red.

“Crap! I’m sorry.” Haydn pulled the man toward the sink where he turned on the water, dropping the empty pan with a clatter in the bottom of the stainless steel basin.

Haydn shoved Rhys’ hand under the cold water to ease the burn. The musky, sharp scent of Rhys’ male essence blanketed Haydn. In his urgency to get Rhys’ arm to the cold water, Haydn pulled the man around him. Haydn froze. It was all too intimate. Too close. Aw hell, it was also too comfortable. Rhys clasped the edge of the sink with his free hand, bracketing Haydn in his embrace.

“You’re not trapped. This is where you want to be.” Rhys’ voice caressed Haydn like a lovers touch, deep and soothing.

Lady of light, yes, the man was right. He wanted the closeness with Rhys more than he’d ever wanted anything in his life. He wanted to feel Rhys’ hard body wrapped around him. The need to have Rhys’ cock fill him became unbearable. Haydn wanted that and so much more, he couldn’t find words to describe it. The evidence of Rhys’ own need pressed against Haydn’s hip, thick and erect.

Rhys leaned his head down and whispered seductively in Haydn’s ear. “That’s yours when you’re ready to come for me.”

Haydn shivered at the double meaning. Rhy’s hot breath caressed his neck as the man paused to inhale, deeply drawing in Haydn’s scent.

“And what I have for you… I promise it won’t be quick. It won’t be casual. And it won’t be nameless.”