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Bob Mayer Workshop hosted by Heart of Carolina Romance Writers of America Chapter Raleigh, NC

I had a great experience this weekend of attending a workshop hosted by the Romance Writers of America (RWA) Chapter in Raleigh, NC named Heart of Carolina Romance Writers. RWA and its affiliate chapters around the country offer the most excellent professional association for writers out there. Including extensive professional development opportunities to learn the craft and magic of writing.

I attend these things to learn, to be reminded of what I’ve learned and to network with new friends. I was thrilled to meet three of my fellow Rebel Ink Press Authors: Donna Steele, and Nancy LaPonzina and some other aspiring and successful authors in the group. (waves frantically Hi-ya guys)

The workshop organized by the group was by Bob Mayer. He is a West Point Graduate, former Green Beret and Best Selling New York Times Author. Owner of Cool Gus Publishing. Author of … I don’t know…. six frickin’ pages on Amazon of NYT best sellers.

It was a treat to say the least. I had been trying to get a chance to attend a workshop and meet Bob Mayer as my writing friends had been raving over his presentations for well, longer than I care to admit, as the years roll by. My old home group First Coast Romance Writers (FCRW) finally hosted his workshop last year but timing was off for me and I couldn’t attend from Chattanooga, TN.

Anyway if you have the opportunity, don’t wait. Go Go Go. Don’t make me drag you.

The morning was a much needed review of his principles in The Novel Writer’s Took Kit, From Idea to Best Seller.

Number one topic was Goal Motivation and Conflict. A similar song to Debra Dixon’s G,M,C. Okay sometimes a door is just a door. But I need to chant the Goal, Motivation, Conflict mantra in my sleep. Don’t laugh, you do too, I’m sure.

Then we spent time talking about what we can learn from screen plays, TV and Movies that will help us grasp the big picture view of the stories we write and take them to the next level. I was reminded of Alexandra Sokoloff’s Screen Writing Tricks for Authors. Yeah I ran into that door again, Screen Writing Tricks with Alexandra…another workshop hosted by FCRW. And another great reminder of constructing a story your readers won’t be able to put down. I’d been deconstructing several shows and movies lately for the same reason. To emulate great story showing.

An afternoon of marketing discussion reconfirmed what we all know… What the hell do we know? Just write another good story. That’s the best way to market your other stories. And perhaps doing so will help you stand on a figurative hill and hope to be struck by lightening.

Speaking of which. I’m off to write #AMWRITING

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Birthday Bash Welcomes Donna Steele

Welcome Donna Steele to celebrate my birthday bash week.  Donna is a fellow Rebel Ink Press Author and I’ve learned also living here in North Carolina. I asked all my guests this week to tell me how they enjoy celebrating. Donna said she has had a house full of company. Evidently she has a group of friends that date back to college chums who’ve stayed fast friends for these “few” years since the college graduation. They’ve spent a long weekend telling stories and having fun as only best friends can. I think that is a great way to celebrate. Family is family you don’t always choose but true friends are family of the heart.

Here is what Donna says about herself.

portrait 6

I write science fiction , paranormal and women’s fiction romance eBooks about women coming into their strength and having the courage to find and accept love.

As an empty nester with my beloved best friend and husband (who actually encourages this mad passion of mine) I write all the time whether or not I have a pen or keyboard handy.

Ever since I learned to read—from Superman Comics, Dick, Jane and Sally held no appeal—I’ve wanted to write. The possibilities of
science fiction have always drawn me and I’ve read them all.  There just needed to be a little more romance in them. I finally got up the courage and I’m delighted that I’m able to share these stories with you.

My premiere novel, a science fiction romance – Rth Rising – was released on March 3, 2012 through Rebel Ink Press. My romance eBooks Learning Trust, Homecoming, Welcome Home, Red Shoes and Wraith’s Heart are now available at all eBook sellers. Wraith’s Heart is now also available in paperback through Amazon.  I have Christmas novella – Nowhere for Christmas – coming out for the 2013 Holiday Season!

I’m a member of Romance Writers of America, the Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal Chapter of RWA and the Heart of Carolina Romance Writers.

Her current release “Red Shoes”

RedShoes_Cover3 smaller

Nikki Setzer thought she knew what she wanted and transformed herself to get it. Now she has to do it again, to escape.

Micah Allen is in a new town starting his own law firm on a shoestring. The last thing he wants to do is harm some woman he keeps running into, literally. But they do keep running into each other and this woman definitely has some secrets.

Can Nikki allow Micah to get close? How much danger is he in if she does? This place is beginning to feel like a home with friends. Does she dare let down her guard?


Rebel Elite Holiday Blog Hop Welcomes Donna Steele

My guest today is Donna Steele, another Rebel Ink Press Elite Author. The Holiday Blog Hop has been exciting this far and I hope you’ve found some new books for your TBR “To Be Read” pile. Don’t forget to follow the hot link on my page for the Rebel Ink Press Drawing for the Kindle, gift cards and swag basket.

I visited with Donna and asked her a few questions to give you the opportunity to get to know the lady behind the computer.

1. Who is your favorite character in this book and why? 

It has to be Ashley. She was neglected and abused as a child, but she escaped and grew into her strength. She proved that she really could reach for her dreams.

2. What inspires you for your stories?

Just about everything. I never know when a phrase or a picture is going to flip that switch. There’s a file on the laptop with “ideas” sometimes no more than a sentence.  Attending the RWA* meetings helps too – I never know what the energy in that room with do to me!

(* RWA – Romance Writers of America – a professional organization for romance writers)

3. Tell us something no one else knows about you.

I wrote my first “novel” when I was eleven. No, it will never see the light of day again, but I did so enjoy writing it and I guess I’ve never really quit.

4. What genre classification would you put on your book and what would you consider the heat level of the romance?

Homecoming would be contemporary women’s fiction, which is a departure for me. I usually write science fiction or paranormal – but this story wanted to be written.

5. When did you start writing and what kicked off your passion to be an author?

Well eleven, but serious writing began a couple of years ago.  A dear friend and mentor, Char Chaffin, published her first book – Promises to Keep – we had written together in the past for fun and she kind of kicked my butt out of the chair and said to finish up some of the ideas I had scribbled away on for ages.  Can never thank her enough.


Blurb – Homecoming by Donna Steele

Upon the death of her grandmother, Ashley returns home to sell the family home.  There she discovers Matt comfortably ensconced in the guest house, taking care of the family estate.

His love for the architecture and past grandeur of the old mansion tempers Ashley’s memories of neglect and abuse at the hands of the matriarch, and the town.  As she and Matt work together, they begin to get the place, and their lives, back in shape.

Follow Donna Steele on to the next stop of the Rebel Elite Holiday Blog Hop Tour tomorrow at: Mary Sue Weir’s Blog

Purchase Homecoming by Donna Steele, Published by Rebel Ink Press at All fine ebook vendors: Amazon, Barnes and Noble And All Romance Ebooks

Rebel Elite Holiday Hop


DECEMBER 8TH THROUGH THE 15TH, 2012 I will be hosting interviews and promotion for my fellow Rebel Elite Authors as they make rounds on our Holiday Blog Hop

My Guests will be:

Dec 8th D.H. Black – “Grit Versus Dust…Find Your Retribution” M/M edgy and erotic

Dec 9th Michel Prince – Young Adult, Paranormal and Contemporary

Dec 10th Winfield H. Strock III – Steam Punk/Sci Fi

Dec 11th Donna Steele – Sci Fi/ Paranormal and Women’s Lit.

Dec 12th Lila Munro – Erotic romance/ Military and thriller suspense plots

Dec 13th Nancy LaPonzina –

Come on by each day to chat with authors. Click on the icon during the hope dates 12/8 thru 12/15 for your chance to win.