Ten Steps to Building an Extra Large Doggie Door for the Disreputable Dog Who Should Be In Japan

Yes, true love is building a doggie door together. You see…I have this dog who should be in Japan. But that is a whole nuther story. Suffice it to say I have this dog for two more years until his shared custody parents return from their Marine Corp assignment in Japan. This isn’t an ordinary dog, oh no. His is a disreputable dog of well into 87 pounds of brawny rough and tough, snoring… farting dog. He moans, he snores. he farts, scratches and rattles his tags, awake or in his sleep… at the foot of my bed. Did I mention he licks? Slurp Slurp Slurp, Lick, Lick, Lick, and mixtures of the disgusting noise.

Moving to the mountain house in NC we have a lovely chain link fenced back yard. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the disreputable dog could take himself out as he pleases? (said Dog below at the local doggie park)


The Lady Librarian and I set out on the adventure of building the Black Mammoth, i.e. Disreputable Dog,  his own access to the back yard.

Step One Find power tools that drill and cut and screw. Not so easy to do when your garage is as yet unpacked and looks like the set of “Tool Man” blew up in there.

Step Two Decide which door you don’t mind having a huge hole in. We had only one choice. The back door from the mud room to the back yard.

Step Three. Purchase doggie door kit.


Step Four Take the door off it’s hinges and place it somewhere you can drill and cut. They give you a wonderful guide to mark out the perimeters of the whole you will have to cut in your door.



Step Five Cut out guide and trace it onto the door. Once this is drawn onto your door you will have to drill a hole in each corner, inside of your guideline, Step Six.


This hole will serve as an access point for your jig saw blade to cut along the line you have drawn and make that Xtra large hole in the bottom of your door. And cut you must. There is no avoiding it.


If you dog is going to exit your home without assistance there must be a hole. The lines don’t have to be cut perfectly perfectly straight but cut you must. Step Seven, Yes Cut the hole.


There aren’t many people that would do this for a dog that is only going to be with them for a couple years until he returns to his first family once they’re back in country and smile about it. I think she loves the little (er whoppin huge) beastie as much as I do.


Step Eight. There is a kit to frame the doggie door in the box. You have to drill holes through the wood where these  anchors will go. Then insert the plastic anchors through the frame front through the wooden door and through the frame back and tighten the little plastic nuts on them to hold the whole thing together. These strip easily with power tool interaction and you have to hold the little nuts with pliers so the plastic bolt can engage.
Step Nine put the door back on the hinges. A pin drops through the connecting hinge joints,


 both top and bottom.


Step Ten. Leash the dog and with one person outside and one person inside bring him back and forth through the plastic flap barrier as you call him. Give him a treat for successful entry and exit.


Enjoy the freedom of the Disreputable Dog being able to take himself out when nature … or sunshine calls.


Step Eleven Side Benefits.

Now a couple things have occurred that we wern’t expecting. The cat uses the doggie door more than the doggie does. She has enjoyed taking a walk on the wild side in the back yard.


And we aren’t totally sure she doesn’t bring company home with her on occasion when we are away. I mean she is spayed but…we think she is secretly a party animal.


One response to “Ten Steps to Building an Extra Large Doggie Door for the Disreputable Dog Who Should Be In Japan

  1. You are braver than I am. Power tools intimidate me. Glad it all worked out so well and that both dog and cat are reaping the benefits. 🙂