National Read A Romance Novel Month


“Trashy Romance Novels” You’ve heard it a thousand times. My connotations of the genre was negative. There was a period of time when all my mother did was watch soap operas and cry. Another phase when all she did was read short bubble gum romance books. She was the Queen of harlequin The-Billionaire-Sheik’s-My-Baby-Daddy-Of-Love.  At least she didn’t cry. So it’s not surprising that I didn’t pick up a romance novel until I was fighting cancer and looking for my own escape.

Here’s what I found.

Against all odds there was always a happy ending.

Heroines were kick ass empowered women.

Men were MEN. None of this pandered down emasculated male sitch-com version of men.

There were wonderful plots and stories.

I found Characters that I could relate to and care about.

Fantastic vivid worlds that I wanted to be real so I could go there and visit.

There were a wide variety of sub-genre’s. Western, Mystery, Suspense, Paranormal, Fantasy, Sci Fi.

I’d loved all these genre’s in the past and often wished they’d had more couple interaction. Zane Grey, Ann McCaffrey, Dick Frances were some of my favorite authors. They had a blend of romance in their stories.

Who ever said “You can’t have your cake and eat it to” was wrong. I mean seriously who wants cake if you can’t eat it?

Even in the middle of a recession readers find the $5 bucks to purchase a romance novel. Or they dive into the pool of free Ebooks available. They want escape and they want a happy ending. They want hope. “The Recession and It’s Effect On The Romance Genre” a research paper byJ DiVisconte – ‎2009 lends an insightful perspective on this.

Romance book sales in 2013 thus far are in the range of $1,350 BILLION DOLLARS.

So, go get a cup of Chai Tea, curl up in your favorite chair and READ!

Perhaps you’d like to check out a short novella by Eden Glenn. LOL I highly recommend it.

One response to “National Read A Romance Novel Month

  1. Hear, hear! Very well said, Eden! Romance certainly has it’s share of bad books in it, But guess what? So does every single other genre out there. What’s important is that there are so many really good romances out there, and I think the numbers you’ve quoted above bear that out. I certainly plan to curl up with as many good books as I can this month (and every month!).