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Fantasy Man Monday

Wake up call for Monday morning with these smokin hot gentlemen.

There is something to be said for the eyes. “Eyes are the windows of the soul”. So much expression lights through your lover’s eyes.

Facial hair is another complete turn on or turn off depending on the woman. Facial hair can be scratchy against a woman’s softer skin.

A man’s solid muscular shape is sensual to see and touch.

And then there is his smile. A man can’t possibly be sexy without a good sense of humor.

Fantasy Man Monday

I joined the fraternity of Motorcycle riders this year.  We all have fantasies of hot guys on steel don’t we?

The concept of a powerful machine between the muscular thighs of  a sexy hottie.

Fantasy Man Monday

I chose Chris Hemsworth as Fantasy Man Monday.  He was awesome in The Huntsman.  Some of his other roles were Thor. Yes More awesomeness.  And I learned he played George Kirk, yes James T. Kirk’s father.  Short, heart rending scene crashing the Enterprise, saying good by to his laboring wife by helping her decide on a name for his son.  Made you cry in the opening moments of the movie.

Fantasy Man Monday

Norman Reedus is our Fantasy Man Monday

I first noticed him on Walking Dead as a tough ass redneck.  This moment talking about the Cherokee Rose to comfort a comrad whose daughter was lost made me first notice him.  Then the episode where he got shot with the arrow in an accident and still climbed up the mountain.  Whew! Stand up and shout out loud…he made it so real!

I then found him in the Boondock Saints movies that are nothing short of legendary to the saints cult following.

My daughter and I are now working our way through various movies he played parts in.

The list is quite impressive and extensive.  We had to like him he was a Florida boy and worked at a Harley shop in California.  LOL

He seems like a genuine person in his interviews.  But for now, this sexy bad boy who keeps a grin on your face and your heart pounding is my Fantasy Man Monday.

Fantasy Man Monday

Often a writer captivates her readership in ways that approach mega cult following.  That has to have a double edged sword appeal. Fans wield a powerful influence in the market place. Does a large enough fan base guarantee at NYT best seller list hit every time off the stand?

Fantasy Man Monday is dedicated to a character from J.R. Ward’s series of Black Dagger Brotherhood books.  She has truly started a landslide of readership admiration, advise and lol, sometimes disapproval that has been sustained through last count ten books with multiple story lines and character development.  Story threads spidering out into multiple books to reach their fruition.

Readers have adopted the Warden’s worlds and characters as real as they come. It is nothing short of a phenomena with huge egroup and web based chat groups branching off into podcast and chat discussions.  Readers like to devour her stories and then whoo hoo they like to talk about them, the characters and their own conspiracy theories for what will happen next and why.

I’ve heard the Black Dagger Brotherhood described as Twilite for adults, Twilite on crack. LOL. I was told these are the stories about the “real” vampires.  One thing is universal, everyone has an opinion.

The last book to release this past spring was Lover Reborn, the story of Tohrment…Tohr.

However you imagine Tohr, he is certainly fantasy man worthy. He had a great deal of heart wrenching grief and pain to travel through which captivated readers.

Maybe the appeal to the nurturer to lift his burden and spare him from further grief was the key to his devoted following.

Or maybe his complete and total hotness.  Who can say.

Have you ever read an author or series that made you want to immerse yourself in their world?  Something so powerful that you wanted it to be real and live in that place or time with those people?

Fantasy Man Monday

In honor of my new sweet ride, a Vulcan 750, Whoop.  Fantasy Man Monday has to be a man on a motorcycle.

Why do guys on motorcycles always have the bad edge with a little scruff.

Gerard Butler on a Bike.  *le Sigh*

What’s your favorite story of a motorcycle riding hero?

I’m doing research. There will eventually be a story involving motorcycle travel. It’s simmering on a back burner for now.

Fantasy Man Monday

Which older man has remained in his prime to win a place in your fantasy?

Lets take a vote for which Mature Fantasy Man is Hottie of the week.

Leroy Gibbs, fictional character but heart throb for many.

George Clooney, Would he be your number one older man?

Patrick Stewart, I have a special place for a man with that soft burr in his voice. Not to mention I’m a star treck nerd.

Fantasy Man Monday

Monday….Fantasy Men.  *Sigh*

This Monday has me thinking about men in kilts.  My kids and I have enjoyed visiting Ren fairs. In costume o’course.  We’ve found a fun one to attend in GA this spring.  It is open every Sat and Sun from mid April until June.  The Georgia Renaissance Festival looks like just as much fun as Hogstown was back in FL.

One of the weekends in early May has five dollar discount for motorcycle riders.  Check it out.

So our Fantasy Man Monday comes from the web page of Karen Marie Moning Best Selling Author.  Makes me all hot and thirsty at the same time. LOL

Karen Marie Moning forum about men in kilts has wonderful! pictures.  It is a must browse for this Monday Morning

Fantasy Man Monday

Fantasy Man Monday has been on the back burner for a little while.  Welcome them back with a bang, enjoy!

Wet men are the new hot.  There is even a coffee table book of hot, wet men if the blog I came across is to be believed!  If you like wet men that are sizzling hot take a look over HERE and see some other fantastic pictures.

It’s a hot Monday with a forecast for rain. *fanning wildly* Oh yes!

Fantasy Man Monday

I am forever warped by my childhood.

I grew up with Saturday morning cartoons and in particular Tarzan movies. The real Tarzan. He is just as illusive as the real Santa Clause. Although I saw the real Santa last Friday night at Rock city. We went to see their Christmas light festival. I was thinking “He looks like the real Santa.” Santa looked over at me an winked. So, He is the real Santa

Anyway, back on track. Warped childhood, Tarzan. Yeah.

http://www.youtube.com. The real Tarzan. No other imitations need apply.

He was a jungle man of few words. “Me Tarzan, you Jane” “Yes Tarzan”

Man in a loin cloth who can find food, save you from crocs, and doesn’t talk much.