Fantasy Man Monday

Norman Reedus is our Fantasy Man Monday

I first noticed him on Walking Dead as a tough ass redneck.  This moment talking about the Cherokee Rose to comfort a comrad whose daughter was lost made me first notice him.  Then the episode where he got shot with the arrow in an accident and still climbed up the mountain.  Whew! Stand up and shout out loud…he made it so real!

I then found him in the Boondock Saints movies that are nothing short of legendary to the saints cult following.

My daughter and I are now working our way through various movies he played parts in.

The list is quite impressive and extensive.  We had to like him he was a Florida boy and worked at a Harley shop in California.  LOL

He seems like a genuine person in his interviews.  But for now, this sexy bad boy who keeps a grin on your face and your heart pounding is my Fantasy Man Monday.

One response to “Fantasy Man Monday

  1. Yep – he’s a definite cutie!! 🙂