Fantasy Man Monday

Often a writer captivates her readership in ways that approach mega cult following.  That has to have a double edged sword appeal. Fans wield a powerful influence in the market place. Does a large enough fan base guarantee at NYT best seller list hit every time off the stand?

Fantasy Man Monday is dedicated to a character from J.R. Ward’s series of Black Dagger Brotherhood books.  She has truly started a landslide of readership admiration, advise and lol, sometimes disapproval that has been sustained through last count ten books with multiple story lines and character development.  Story threads spidering out into multiple books to reach their fruition.

Readers have adopted the Warden’s worlds and characters as real as they come. It is nothing short of a phenomena with huge egroup and web based chat groups branching off into podcast and chat discussions.  Readers like to devour her stories and then whoo hoo they like to talk about them, the characters and their own conspiracy theories for what will happen next and why.

I’ve heard the Black Dagger Brotherhood described as Twilite for adults, Twilite on crack. LOL. I was told these are the stories about the “real” vampires.  One thing is universal, everyone has an opinion.

The last book to release this past spring was Lover Reborn, the story of Tohrment…Tohr.

However you imagine Tohr, he is certainly fantasy man worthy. He had a great deal of heart wrenching grief and pain to travel through which captivated readers.

Maybe the appeal to the nurturer to lift his burden and spare him from further grief was the key to his devoted following.

Or maybe his complete and total hotness.  Who can say.

Have you ever read an author or series that made you want to immerse yourself in their world?  Something so powerful that you wanted it to be real and live in that place or time with those people?

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