Healthy Life Choices. Vote for My Author Bio Photo

Lynn Marcello Photography did my bio photos.  Now, I can’t choose between them.  I have basically three to look at. Choice A Or Choice B I’m sorta liking this one but the photo would have to be cropped a little more for a bio photo, I think. or Choice C My pal Robert likes this one. He says the expression is dreamy.  I’m thinking the expression is more constipated. LOL and then again C in Black and White   Now if you want to put this in perspective.  In 2007 I started my weight loss program.  I weighed 225 pounds. And looked like this…..   I was a size 18 – 22 ish. Now I am a size 10, I weigh 170 pounds. I don’t get tired when I walk. I can run and play. I’m thinner because I made a conscious healthy life style choice.

1. Portion control – I accepted that I ate too much food for one person. I chose to eat less.

2. Food Choices – I chose to eat foods higher in fiber, cooked in a more healthy manner…baked, broiled, steamed rather than rolled in flour and fried. I eat less bread, potatoes, and pasta. I eat more vegetables. I eat less sugar. I eat less processed foods.

3. I started moving. First walking. Then walking more briskly, eventually running/jogging. I do the eliptical machine. I swim and play. I dance. I think I would like to loose twenty pounds more.

NOTHING TASTES AS GOOD AS BEING THIN FEELS. My clothes fit comfortable. I can move and feel good.

USDA website has great tools to help with weight loss.

I was not healthy. Now, I feel healthy. It has to be your decision to chose to be healthier. I had just survived breast cancer and reached the place in life where I knew changes had to be made. I was very unhappy with the way I felt and looked.

Don’t wait to have cancer to make the changes in your life style that can save your life.  Most health problems senior diabetes, high blood pressure, back pain, knee pain, shortness of breath…are problems associated with obesity.  Yes, I was obese. It’s not pretty. Of course I was tired.  I lost a whole 4th grader.  Anyone would be tired carrying around an extra fifty to eighty pounds.

Take a good look at your choices and make a promise to yourself to chose a healthier life. Start with the little things. Walk more, drink more water, control your portions. Say no to fried fatty foods, Say no to that extra portion. Pass on that candy bar today. Eat two cookies instead of ten. Good luck and if you need encouragement, I’m there for you. Just give me a shout out.

9 responses to “Healthy Life Choices. Vote for My Author Bio Photo

  1. I vote for the first one. You look marvelous!

  2. You are smokin’ hot, woman!

    I like A and B, and the b&w of C. I think the first two are more YOU.

    • Ohhh, thank you for the smokin hot! I didn’t capture that mysterious sensuous secret look I was striving for. The big old smile just seems too open, okaydokey soccer mom to me. LOL

  3. Aww Abigail. You make me smile. I needed that. (((HUGS)))

  4. In order of preference, I choose B, A, and b&w C.

    Congratulations on the weight loss! That’s freakin’ AWESOME!!!! I hope you are fantastically proud of yourself. You should be!!!! I joined Weight Watchers in January and have been following the same methods you mentioned above. I’ve lost 35 pounds so far. It’s nice to know you are on the journey with me and will be there for encouragement. I’ll be there for you, too. We can do it!!! 🙂

    • Hey Maura, you’ve done fantastic too!!! I just dedicated myself to this last 20 pounds I really want to loose so Lets GO!!! I know WW has online tools but I found a great app called MyfitnessPal that I am using. So lets keep hearing those great accomplishments!! I’m there for ya!!!

      • OH ps, Maura! Maura!! I just realized your name is the same as my newest heroine in Darkind Promises WIP. LOL small world.