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Eden Glenn,A Rebel Ink Press Elite Author

Rebel Ink Press has extended the offer for me to join the ranks of the Rebel Ink Press Elite Authors for 2013. I’m honored and pleased. Rebel Ink Press will have exclusivity on all my work seeking publication and There will be wonderful opportunities for me to learn and grow.  Just one more reason I’m proud to be a Rebel.

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Fantasy Man Monday

In honor of my new sweet ride, a Vulcan 750, Whoop.  Fantasy Man Monday has to be a man on a motorcycle.

Why do guys on motorcycles always have the bad edge with a little scruff.

Gerard Butler on a Bike.  *le Sigh*

What’s your favorite story of a motorcycle riding hero?

I’m doing research. There will eventually be a story involving motorcycle travel. It’s simmering on a back burner for now.

Fantasy Man Monday

Which older man has remained in his prime to win a place in your fantasy?

Lets take a vote for which Mature Fantasy Man is Hottie of the week.

Leroy Gibbs, fictional character but heart throb for many.

George Clooney, Would he be your number one older man?

Patrick Stewart, I have a special place for a man with that soft burr in his voice. Not to mention I’m a star treck nerd.

Renn Faire, Renn Faire Where For Art Thou Renn Faire?

My kids and I are true blue, died in the wool Nerds.  We were nerds before being a nerd was cool.

We love to go to Renaissance Faires. When we lived in Florida we would go to Hogstown each year around February. A couple of years ago, I made Sabra’s Costume from Drapes and Yardage I bought from the thrift store.

In true “Sound of Music” fashion she wore drapes.

I came across this clip from Carol Burnett Show doing a parody of “Gone with the Wind” It is so funny, you will pee your pants. There is a wearing drapes iconic moment there too. LOL

Here is daughter and I.  She is one one the left. The Shirt was recycled from horse showing. The taupe under dress with a thrift store purchase.  The outer dress was a section of drapes that I transformed from taking a pattern off the blue dress I am wearing.  And, yes I’ve lost more weight since this picture two years ago. LOL

So, in preparation for the Georgia Renn faire, I’ve bought some more drapes, sheets and a table cloth or two from the thrift store.  LOL pictures will be posted at a later date.  I’m going to create something *poof* magical!!!

Manic Readers


You can find me over at Manic Readers. Check out their site for readers. They are also on Facebook and Twitter.  You will find links there.

Manic Readers seems to be a great way for readers to hear about new upcoming authors.

Mirror Mirror, Another Hit

Another movie daughter and I went to see was Mirror Mirror.

I LOVED it.  I laughed. It did some wonderful things with any number of old cliche’s

I adored their take on Snow White, broke her out of the mold and gave her a “you go girl” spunk.

Julia Roberts was amazing as the queen. Casting her was a mark of genius.

The Dwarves, incredibly perfect concept for shaking up that old sterotype.

There were some pretty great costumes as well.  But both my daughter and I left saying, what was up with that blue dress and the bright orange bow that Snow wore in the closing scene. ???

Yeah, that thing on her back…like wings? It is a bow.

And hey, what’s not to like about a naked prince.  Well, not totally naked…but caught in his bloomers a couple of times.

My only, ehhh was that the prince was a bit emasculated in this role…I’m riding the fence a little on big picture impressions.  He had some scenes that helped bolster his alpha image…but… well it’s a coin toss. I know it’s hard to have everything.  Maybe there could have been better casting there.

I can’t say enough good about this movie. If you only go see one movie this month, make it Mirror Mirror.