Renn Faire, Renn Faire Where For Art Thou Renn Faire?

My kids and I are true blue, died in the wool Nerds.  We were nerds before being a nerd was cool.

We love to go to Renaissance Faires. When we lived in Florida we would go to Hogstown each year around February. A couple of years ago, I made Sabra’s Costume from Drapes and Yardage I bought from the thrift store.

In true “Sound of Music” fashion she wore drapes.

I came across this clip from Carol Burnett Show doing a parody of “Gone with the Wind” It is so funny, you will pee your pants. There is a wearing drapes iconic moment there too. LOL

Here is daughter and I.  She is one one the left. The Shirt was recycled from horse showing. The taupe under dress with a thrift store purchase.  The outer dress was a section of drapes that I transformed from taking a pattern off the blue dress I am wearing.  And, yes I’ve lost more weight since this picture two years ago. LOL

So, in preparation for the Georgia Renn faire, I’ve bought some more drapes, sheets and a table cloth or two from the thrift store.  LOL pictures will be posted at a later date.  I’m going to create something *poof* magical!!!

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