Fantasy Man Monday

Which older man has remained in his prime to win a place in your fantasy?

Lets take a vote for which Mature Fantasy Man is Hottie of the week.

Leroy Gibbs, fictional character but heart throb for many.

George Clooney, Would he be your number one older man?

Patrick Stewart, I have a special place for a man with that soft burr in his voice. Not to mention I’m a star treck nerd.

2 responses to “Fantasy Man Monday

  1. Hmmm. Tough choice! I think I’d have to go with George as my first pick, with Mark coming in a very close second. I’m a Star Trek fan, also, and I’ve always liked Patrick Stewart as an actor, but he never made my heart go pitter pat

    • My first older man was Yul Brynner. Of course I was a child. But his larger than life presence in “The King and I”, the touch of foreign accent, smooth chest and Alpha masculinity was pure fantasy. I wasn’t much for Bald Men until Patrick Stewart came along. (*le sigh*)

      Overall, I think Sean Connery is my pick.

      Anyone else want to comment? Pick you favorite here or tell me about someone “mature” and manly you admire.