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Renn Faire, Renn Faire Where For Art Thou Renn Faire?

My kids and I are true blue, died in the wool Nerds.  We were nerds before being a nerd was cool.

We love to go to Renaissance Faires. When we lived in Florida we would go to Hogstown each year around February. A couple of years ago, I made Sabra’s Costume from Drapes and Yardage I bought from the thrift store.

In true “Sound of Music” fashion she wore drapes.

I came across this clip from Carol Burnett Show doing a parody of “Gone with the Wind” It is so funny, you will pee your pants. There is a wearing drapes iconic moment there too. LOL

Here is daughter and I.  She is one one the left. The Shirt was recycled from horse showing. The taupe under dress with a thrift store purchase.  The outer dress was a section of drapes that I transformed from taking a pattern off the blue dress I am wearing.  And, yes I’ve lost more weight since this picture two years ago. LOL

So, in preparation for the Georgia Renn faire, I’ve bought some more drapes, sheets and a table cloth or two from the thrift store.  LOL pictures will be posted at a later date.  I’m going to create something *poof* magical!!!

Fantasy Man Monday

Monday….Fantasy Men.  *Sigh*

This Monday has me thinking about men in kilts.  My kids and I have enjoyed visiting Ren fairs. In costume o’course.  We’ve found a fun one to attend in GA this spring.  It is open every Sat and Sun from mid April until June.  The Georgia Renaissance Festival looks like just as much fun as Hogstown was back in FL.

One of the weekends in early May has five dollar discount for motorcycle riders.  Check it out.

So our Fantasy Man Monday comes from the web page of Karen Marie Moning Best Selling Author.  Makes me all hot and thirsty at the same time. LOL

Karen Marie Moning forum about men in kilts has wonderful! pictures.  It is a must browse for this Monday Morning